Metal Detectors at School Entrances

Thesis: Metal doors in school entrances, bigger step in security outfit.

Oppositions Arguments While some refute the use of metal detectors claiming that there is no danger suspect, majority argue mainly on the side of the bill requirement. It is important to know that prevention is far better than cure. The cost of managing avoidable casualties is rather more expensive. It is more cost-effective therefore, to introduce metal detectors at public entrances. Less sophisticated metal detectors could be recommended where pupils are relatively of lower age group.

The Essence: Crimes committed using metallic tools are gradually on increase. The highest incidence is reported in high school. In a bid to put measures in place and check this progression, introducing metal detectors at school entrances is a life saving attempt. Students use metal weapons such as knife, nails, guns to harm competitors, annoying instructor and humiliate any intimidating friends in a bid to pay back any past wrong action.

This is unlawful. Furthermore, in the present modern IT age, it is of more security values to prevent illegal entry of unwanted objects. Highly sensitive metal detectors perform this task. Attempt at entry triggers an alarm. In some cases, depending on what is insured, police are directly contacted. Is there any harm in using metal detectors?

The Bad side Certain metal detectors require personnel monitoring and cannot be left alone. The operator is at the risk of exposure to diseases if such metal detector uses radioactive materials for sensitivity. The accruing of self-operated or automated machine would reduce exposure. Secondly, some metal door without operator may be too sophisticated for the general public to manage each time passage is require. It is time consuming for impatient passers-by.

Conclusion Weighing all the issues afore-mentioned it is still safer to opt for metal detector entrance at school where many forms of vices are numerous.

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