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When contemplating incidents like those in Jonesboro, Arkansas and Columbine, as well as the tragic event in Mt. Morris Township, Michigan where a six-year-old girl tragically died in her classroom, the issue of whether schools should implement metal detectors arises. While there may be differing viewpoints on this matter, I firmly believe that it is imperative for schools to utilize metal detectors. In the subsequent text, I will discuss opposing perspectives and present my own rationale.

There are three reasons why some people argue against the necessity of metal detectors in schools:

  1. It is an invasion of their privacy.
  2. The procedure of going through metal detectors is too time consuming.

While some argue that metal detectors infringe on their privacy, the notion of privacy in this situation is debatable. Metal detectors solely aim to prevent individuals from bringing weapons and do not address personal matters. Furthermore, if an item is deemed significant enough to be concealed, it should not be brought into a school environment.

Although there are arguments against the expense and resource drain of installing metal detectors in schools, I firmly believe that the value of human life is immeasurable. The tragic events at Columbine demonstrate that a school massacre can occur unexpectedly, resulting in multiple fatalities. Looking back, it is likely that the community would have willingly accepted the negative perception linked to metal detectors if it meant preventing this tragedy and saving those fifteen lives.

The concern is centered on excessive time wasting, but if the worst happens, time will run out and wasting time becomes unimportant. In my view, if it requires more time to save a single life, then that additional time holds value.

If someone fails to recognize the significance of metal detectors in safeguarding an individual’s life, it may indicate a lack of understanding regarding their importance. However, as a principal, I place the safety and security of my students above all else, even if it entails expenses or impacts our reputation. It is crucial for schools to be perceived as secure environments. If we do not feel confident about the safety within our educational institutions, how can we entrust our children to them?

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