Military/Government involvement in Foreign Affairs

From Iraq and Afghanistan to now Syria It feels as If the U. S always has to be Involved In other countries affairs. It seems as If It has become the moral and humanitarian duty for the U. S to become involved in other countries. With the help that the united States gives to foreign countries this has begun to create a negative feelings amongst other countries and the IS.

S citizens homeless who believe that we should stay out of other countries problems. We have bigger underlying problems that need to be dealt with in the U. S before we begin to intervene in other countries. I strongly believe that the U. S must first and foremost begin to resolve its own tribulations before taking a Jump to resolve the ones of others. The united States is known to be one of the biggest resources when asking for help from foreign countries. The U. S military and government has now become the “police” In foreign affairs and seems all too glad to offer Its help to other countries, and has been doing so for many, many years.

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This Is due In part to the U. S wanting to be the humanitarian benefactor, and this will eventually lead to some sort of benefit to the ailing country as well as create an alliance with the foreign country that could be used to our advantage one day. This can be shown when the U. S government led regime changes in Iraq and Afghanistan. By imposing its will on other countries in return for military help the recipient country would have to follow America’s economic model, but that may not even work in the recipient country. America’s reasoning behind jumping to help is because of the Foreign Policy Agenda of the U.

S Department of State that states we are, “to build and sustain a more democratic, secure and prosperous world for the benefit of the American people and the International community” (“What Is the Mission of the US. Department of State? “). Although this foreign policy did not work for Iraq and Afghanistan the U. S military and government Involvement Is still happening In present time with Syria and the crisis with SIS’S. The help that the united states gives to foreign countries has begun to create a negative reaction among U. S citizens who don’t agree with giving aid, were impact of the attacks is not in doubt.

Just keeping to western and central Asia: Afghanistan is barely surviving, Iraq has been devastated and Pakistan is edging closer to a disaster that could be catastrophic” (Chomsky, NOAA. “After 9/1 1 Was War the Only Option? “). This shows how the U. S involvement in no way helped the ailing country or its people. In the end, it’s as if thing went down for the worst and that interference in no way helped positively. For example, “while 66 % of Americans think the United States should play either the leading or a major role in resolving international problems, 32% say the united States should be a minor player or not et Involved at all.

That’s up from 23 % Just two years ago, and at Its highest level since 2001 “(Miller, Jake. “How Do Americans Feel about U. S. Involvement In Foreign more are disagreeing about getting involved. This has made Americans to begin to feel more reluctant in the U. S throwing itself to play a central role in international affairs once again. This can be shown on a survey taken by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, which state that, “Forty-one percent of respondents say we should stay out of other countries’ affairs, the highest percentage ever recorded in the Chicago Council survey'(Miller, Jake.

How Do Americans Feel about U. S. Involvement in Foreign Crises? “). This growing desire among Americans to “stay out” of world affairs is linked to increased criticism of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a decreased sense of threat and a long-standing desire to focus on domestic problems. With the time spent and increase of military involvement in foreign areas, there has been an outcry from U. S citizens to decrease out involvement in wars or military size. Finally, Ninth the calamity occurring in Libya, U. S. Leaders have begun to prepare for a new round of expanded military involvement in the Middle East.

The U. S is not only known for having one of the largest militaries, but also for having one of the largest economic international debts in the world. This is largely due to the U. S getting involved with other countries foreign affairs. Following 9/1 1, the United States launched new military endeavors on a number of fronts, including in Iraq. The cost of the U. S being involved in Iraq and Afghanistan has significantly outpaced the government’s predictions. In 2002 it was estimated that the amount of money to be spent on invading Iraq would only be between 100 billion to 200 billion dollars.

In 007, the United States had already spent $368 billion on its military operations in Iraq, and nearly $200 billion on top of that in Afghanistan (Testis, Lee H. ‘Backgrounder: Iraq, Afghanistan and the U. S Economy’). The amount of money that Nas predicted to be spent on getting involved has increased through expectations and still continues to rise and in the year 2017 might top $1 trillion, plus an extra $705 billion in interest payments. Just alone in the U. S involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, which combined could reach $2. 4 trillion (Testis, Lee H. “Backgrounder: Iraq, Afghanistan and the U. S Economy’).

All this money being spent on Iraq and Afghanistan is Just piling up on the 17 trillion dollar debt that the U. S has that could be used more wisely to help U. S citizens. The money that we give to aid others isn’t even our own money, so why is the U. S even offering any? Financially the money used in the war could have benefited the U. S and its citizens significantly. The U. S give out 30 billion dollars yearly in foreign aid which is an enormous amount that is given to Haiti, Pakistan and Sudan Just to name a few (Step, Chris. “Should The U. S. Rethink ere $30 Billion It Spends on Foreign Aid? “).

The money could Just as easily be used for domestic programs, such as schooling and school funding. Within the years school funding and budgets have been cut dramatically. With these cuts the education of U. S children is being affected as classes and our own government is underfeeding teachers. This can be shown through the U. S Department of Education and how, “U. S. Secretary of Education Earn Duncan detailed the impact of looming automatic budget cuts, saying they would force schools to lay off teachers and eliminate services for students while indiscriminately reducing programs that serve Americans of all ages” (Henry, Karma. “U. S.

Education Secretary Warns That Automatic Budget Cuts Mould Hurt Children and Families. “). These budget cuts have negatively affected the significant problem that should have been dealt with before the U. S wanted to get involved in foreign affairs. Another reason why the U. S should first focus on its own problems is due to the ongoing unemployment and poverty rate. Money used to aid other could be used in building Jobs and helping those in need in the U. S. State by State varies in unemployment and poverty, but with money that we so willingly give to others it could be used to build Jobs and other sorts of things that can benefit Americans.

Although America is the most powerful country on earth, it still does not control everything on earth. The times we have given aid we have received backlash and it has affected the U. S and its citizens negatively. The U. S should begin to listen to the feeling of its own citizens before it should intervene in any other countries issues or problems. The U. S needs to stop having the immediate need to help an ailing country, although it might need aid it doesn’t necessarily have to be American aid. We should minimize foreign help and maximize the government and military to alp solve the unending problems that keep piling up in the U.

S. Our main priority should be in solving our own issues before we offer to solve the issues of others.

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