Mini-Documentary “Life Before Birth – In the Womb”

In the documentary video I learned about how we are formed in the womb. The video highlights the major milestones we go through while still in the womb. When I saw that this video was an option for the writing assignment I had to choose it. I’ve watched this video before, a couple of years ago when I took a parenting class in high school. It was interesting to rewatch again a few years later because after having an anatomy and physiology class I have a much better understanding.

First of all, I think this mini-documentary is a very eye-opening one. “Life Before Birth – In the Womb” is a documentary film that explores the development of a growing fetus from the time of conception up until birth. The video highlights how we are formed from a single cell at the start of conception but 9 months later we are formed into a full-grown baby. I think it’s incredibly fascinating to see how we all developed. The beginning of human life is incredible. “The fetal period encompasses dramatic change, from a tiny, sexless creature smaller than the final joint of your thumb to a boy or girl about 20 inches (51 centimeters) long. The documentary goes through this whole period of change by showing the growth of the baby inside the womb. Viewers get to see how the baby forms, grows, and survives while in the womb and how he/she prepares for the outside world.

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The presentation of this video is extremely effective. This documentary in particular has always stuck out to me because it is filmed in a way that shows how the baby is formed inside a pregnant mother’s tummy. I like how the video gives you a different outlook on pregnancy. This documentary strongly portrays what it is like growing as a fetus and how you develop new things every day, week, and month leading up to birth.

Lastly, I think this documentary is one that should be shown to everyone. Learning about pregnancy is pretty complicated until you go through it for yourself, I think this video acts as a great resource for individuals of all ages. This video gives so much incredible information. I believe that expecting mothers’ could benefit from watching this video and I also think that high schoolers should all be shown this video sometime during their high school career.

In conclusion, I enjoyed watching the assigned video for a second time. It gives you a different perspective on things because it’s so crazy to see what every one of us started as. This video is very educational and provides loads of information. It is so important to understand how humans are started and how they grow. Watching this video allows viewers to witness what it is really like inside of the womb. I recommend that everyone watch this video at some point. 

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