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Research on Cafe Using Questionnaire

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For my Cafe its imperative for me to use primary research to conduct my research, therefore all my data I’ve collected is correct and accurate. I will have to this plan in place in order to know how I’m going to conduct.
-Identify customer’s preference with products.
-To measure the success of a product development.
I am going to collect information using a single survey, the reason I’m going to use a single survey rather than multiple surveys is that if I can include everything in single surveys then there is no need to use numerous different surveys, as it will save time and money so printing costs is low.

I will set out my survey so that as the survey goes on it filters through so that it narrows down the answers. I can also incorporate a time frame for my data. My questionnaire has to narrow down in order to get the best possible responses out of the people I will ask.

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Research on Cafe Using Questionnaire
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This means that there should be no questions left to be ask by the people that I questioned. So therefore my survey will be done by me meaning it will be primary data. I think my survey will consist of part qualitative and part quantitative. I am going to present my data in different parts for the different sections of the survey, I have the choice of graphs and charts, such as a bar chart or a pie chart, both can be used for different sections of the survey.
Questionnaires: Cafe is an international organisation. They use questionnaires by sending them through the post, telephone, text, internet and face to face. By using it through the post it is cheap so they just need to pay for the postage. They can send these to residents in the company without spending a lot of money. Regularly sending these can mean regular feedback but a problem is that people can just disregard what they have received in the post. By getting feedback from them they can also find out what types of things the local residents what to be receiving information about from Cafe. This will ensure they…

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