Questionnaire and Focus Group Discussion

The purpose of the questionnaire protocol is to solicit data from the target sample consisting of academicians and administrators using standard questions that will reveal their attitudes, perceptions, and habits with regard to climate change. Primarily in the questionnaire, the target sample’s demographic information was elicited, which gave an idea on each one’s gender, age, and educational and work background. Successive questions drew out attitudes of concern with, opinions and views on, knowledge and awareness about, personal experience on, effect of, beliefs on, and travel habits related to climate change. These questions revealed statistical and objective data. Nonetheless, some questions were also geared into elaborating on the knowledge and awareness of the target sample, thereby drawing not only empirical data but subjective information as well.   

The focus group discussion protocol’s purpose, on the other hand, is to guide the researcher, who is also the moderator, with regard to the flow of the discussion with the target sample that consists of academicians and administrators. At first, the belief of the target sample with regards to how climate change came about was explored. To get a stronger and more substantial opinion from them, pictures of flooding were likewise shown. Succeeding questions still dwelt on the topic eliciting the sample’s associations with climate change, personal connection with climate change events and phenomena, possible effect of climate change in their lives, medium from which they get information with regard to climate change, impact of global warming, car-buying habits and transport considerations, and personal reflections and realizations with regard to behaviour and choices involving the environment. Hence, the discussion drew out quality, significant, and ample data from the target sample.

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