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Mobile Computing and Social Networking

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Radiology technicians have access to better imaging devices than they did in the past, and mobile computing is making it possible to send those images to doctors maneuvered in the hospital ? in an instant” (Moore, 2010). Mobile computing and social networking are making things easier for the patients as well. It might have taken awhile, but technology is greatly changing our healthcare and the way we used to do things. Compare and contrast monitoring of patient vital signs using mobile computing technology to in-patient visits to the doctor’s office or hospital.

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Mobile Computing and Social Networking
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When it comes to patient care, vital signs are on top of the list. Today, portable engineering could be utilized to view and represent a great deal of the things we used to go into the specialists for. A percentage of the things that could be taken while utilizing portable innovations are heart rate, circulatory strain, glucose for diabetics, and oxygen levels to name a couple. A long time prior, people needed to venture out to their health awareness medical practitioners to look whatsoever of their center and indispensable signs.

Everything used to be carried out by hand, through a PC, and archived for future references.

By doing it this way, errors ere common and in the healthcare field, errors are something that you can’t afford. In today’s world, technology will be the leader in patient care. A company named Dragger has already come up with a way to make patients bedside vitals goes mobile. “Dredger’s Infinity MIME displays a patient’s real-time vital signs on the go. Designed to fit in the palm of a caregivers hand, the display auto- rotates so that it is always upright” (Moore, 2009). The monitor will even follow the patient wherever they go, and whoever the caregiver is can remove it at will.

Smartness and broadband devices have also played a huge role in mobile imputing. Patients can now view their different functions and vitals through their healthcare servers. With the rise of technology in healthcare, it’s really giving the patient more control over their care. Aha seamless monitoring and recording of a patient’s vital signs seems like an obviously important task to get right; in an age where we can virtual our desktops and roll dice with a flick of our cell phones, it’s about time the technology for this catches up” (Moore, 2009).

Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using mobile computing technology to monitor patients. In a world where technology is taking over, here’s a lot of advantages and disadvantages of using mobile computing technology to monitor patients. With the rise in popularity of smartness and tablets can give the community a new view on mobile computing. One advantage that could play a role in this is the various amounts of APS that are out to help the patient, as well as the healthcare provider.

Another well-known advantage is that that before attacks happen, doctors are able to see what’s going on with mobile computing. By doing this, the patient will see that the doctor has an idea what’s going before it actually happens. The last advantage is that there will be less money spent, as well as time wasted. By using mobile computing, the patient will be able to discuss whatever they need to over the internet instead of coming into the office and making a co-payment and wasting their time. With advantages, there always come the disadvantages.

The top disadvantage with mobile computing in health care is that it has a generational barrier. Individuals who grew up with the Internet age will be able to understand it because it’s second nature. The one’s that need to be worried are the individuals who aren’t so tech savvy. Another disadvantage is security. Whenever you are dealing with your patients or customers personal information over the Internet can lead to a security breach. You have to find a way to keep their information safe from predators hands (Carmella, 2012).

Assess the security concerns with regard to the transmission of personal medical information over wireless networks. The big issue in the business world is the security of networks from malicious actors and the protection of private information from identity thieves. If this is not the number one issue within your organization it should be number two for sure. The reputation of your organization can be ruined on your failure to prove adequate security for the protection of your network and its data. Security will continue to consume resources (dollars and people) for some time in the distant the future.

It’s a subject you will need to stay abreast of and a program you will need to fund. The front in cost of security, while expensive, is much cheaper than the cost of a future security breech. The purpose of electronic monitoring systems is to have a shared electronic record of the patient’s health care information readily accessible by all health care providers regardless of their action. The system is designed to contain complete and up-to-date personal health information about the patient. Any electronic system requires less space and fewer administrative resources to maintain.

It supports improved clinical decision-making leading to more effective diagnosis and treatment, greater patient safety, increase efficiency, and improved access to care. Information age has proved that mobile computing drastically improves a patient’s quality of life, but it also comes with security risks such as privacy and personal health information (Ting, 2009). This is because they not only allow for collection and disclosure use of massive amounts of personal health information from various sources, but they more than likely attract hackers and others with malicious intent.

Healthcare providers can minimize these risks by putting them into consideration during the initial design and implementation of the various mobile computing systems. Assess the use of social networking for group support for patients with similar medical concerns. Because of the inventive data age, the 2010 Survey of Health Consumers affirms that “85% of Americans get their data omitting like a help or condition on the web, 65% of studied doctors indicated investment in utilizing informal organizations for expert purposes, one out of each six US M. D. Are parts of Sermon, and online medical practitioners organize, and 65% of medical caretakers show they move toward utilizing interpersonal organizations for expert administration” (Ackley, 2010) The Mayo Clinic portrays morally supportive network as having the accompanying aspects: morally supportive network is an assembling of individuals who offer a regular health concern or premium. A morally supportive network typically keeps tabs on particular scenario or condition, for example breast malignancy, diabetes, coronary illness, habit or enduring guardian for instance.

Morally supportive networks are not the same as assembly help sessions. Bunch treatment is a formal sort of mental health medication that unites some individuals with comparative conditions under the direction of a prepared mental health supplier. (Mayo 2011) The Mayo Clinic advertises the utilization of informal organizations, and even assists patients in interfacing with different patients with comparative therapeutic conditions by controlling them to person to person communication aggregates. Twitter, Youth, Faceable, and Namespace gives a stage for those with significant data that could be imparted around the member.

Patients in morally supportive networks can get some answers concerning new medicines, and specialists furnishing such medications. The results from these gatherings as a rule have a positive effect. Over the long haul, helping your own plans and encounters can bail you get progressively out of a morally supportive network (Yuan, 2003). Conclusion It is good to know that the assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency mobile- eased applications to provide collocation and customer data are applications that are proven good to have, are able to deliver data down to 10 meter accuracy.

Customer’s data privacy may still be a matter of concern still. The benefits realized by customers to have the ability to access their own data from their mobile applications promises huge opportunities for the consumers and businesses that they interact with using their mobile devices (Carmella, 2012). Challenges of developing applications that run on mobile devices due to screen size is an issue still.

When trying to download a web page you can’t get the full information given unless you develop methods for inputting data into the phone, different keypads and methods of scrolling as well as varying phone capabilities can be some of the solutions for this problem. The best methods in deciding which platform to support the various devices out there, i. E. , phone, pad, etc. Depends on what is right for you as the user as well as what device you are using with mobile applications requiring high availability for users to have continuous access to IT and IS systems.

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