Money Laundering Prevention Programs

Covered institutions shall formulate their respective money laundering prevention programs in accordance with Section 9 and other pertinent provisions of the AMLA and these Rules, including, but not limited to, information dissemination on money laundering activities and their prevention, detection and reporting, and the training of responsible officers and personnel of covered institutions, subject to such guidelines as may be prescribed by their respective supervising authority.

Every covered institution shall submit its own money laundering program to the supervising authority concerned within the non-extendible period that the supervising authority has imposed in the exercise of its regulatory powers under its own charter. Every money laundering program shall establish detailed procedures implementing a comprehensive, institution-wide “know-your-client” policy, set-up an effective dissemination of information on money laundering activities and their prevention, detection and reporting, adopt internal policies, procedures and controls, designate compliance officers at management level, institute adequate screening and recruitment procedures, and set-up an audit function to test the system.

All covered institutions, including banks insofar as non-deposit and non-government bondinvestment transactions are concerned, shall incorporate in their money laundering programs the provisions of these Rules and such other guidelines for reporting to the AMLC of all transactions that engender the reasonable belief that a money laundering offense is about to be, is being, or has been committed. Training of Personnel Covered institutions shall provide all their responsible officers and personnel with efficient and effective training and continuing education programs to enable them to fully comply with all their obligations under the AMLA and these Rules.

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