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Role of Money in People’s Life

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Money isessential and it?s what keeps the world going. To my family money is, to someextent, significant to our lives because it is what keeps us existing.Throughout my life, money had made a difference in my family in both good andbad ways. Money has changed my family?s way of living today and my parent?swork hard to where my family and I are at now. Money can cause manydeficiencies and chaos in others lives but in our family when it comes tohaving a lot or even less money we wouldn?t hesitate to give to charity.

Weunderstand that there are many people in our society today that need money andnot many people have opportunities to get what we have.

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Role of Money in People’s Life
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My family?s ways of livinghave changed in the past five to six years because of what my parents haveearned for working. They deserve what they get because of the reason that theywork hard for getting to where we are at now and I am thankful for having whatI have now.

These past years we moved to a better atmosphere than where we wereat before. We live in a better house and we have more housing equipment andappliances in our house than before. My parents kept
Having money, I would want it to satisfy myneeds to survive or have. I want money to satisfy my family and me because Iwould want things that I never had before and I also want my family to havethings that they never had also. I want them and me to be happy with stuff thatwe want such as clothing or toys etc. I think money will affect my future withmy kids because I know that children always want things that they see and theywill complain and cry if they don?t get what they wanted. Also if I didn?t haveenough money it would be hard for me and my family to survive with what I?vegot and that will cause major stress to me. It would be hard to make mychildren happy because they don?t get what other kids have and that isimportant for children in our society now.

At times, money can beimportant to my family and me. When it comes to important things that we need,we.

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