Most Inspirational Person

The person that has been the most inspirational in my life is my mom. She is the most inspirational person in many ways. The first reason why my mom is the most inspirational person in my life is because she has very high expectations for me academically, behaviorally, and physically. When I get lower than a “B” my mom has me come to the kitchen and she gives me a very long lecture. Behaviorally my mom doesn’t want me getting in trouble at all.

When I do she gives me an even longer lecture than when I get bad grades. This lecture is very long and focused on me improving. Physically she expects 110% from me in every sport. She wants me to do all that I can to improve my physical skills. The second reason my mom has been the most inspiration person in my life is because she taught me almost everything I know. She taught me how to be different and be myself. She told me not to pretend to be somebody I am not. She said that if I am myself I will be more successful in life.

She also taught me how to pursue things I want. Like when I was younger I wanted to be in the USAF and my mom wanted me to follow my dream and make it become true. The third reason my mom has been the most inspirational person in my life is because she is immensely forgiving and patient. My mom is very forgiving because she has never stayed mad at anybody even when something very bad happens. One time when I was 8 years old I quit swimming and my mom was irate. She was irate because she swam when she was younger and she wanted me to carry on with it.

She was only mad at me for a little bit and the she got over it. My mom is very patient because she always waits forever and ever for thing she wants. She can always sit and be perfectly calm even if she waits for hours. As you can see my mom is my biggest inspiration. She is patient, forgiving, she taught me almost everything I know, and because she has extremely high expectations for me. These are some of the many reasons why my mom has bee the most inspirational person in my life!

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