The Making of a True Person

Word Count: 496One day five years ago I meet a boy. This boy was specialin every way possible, except with himself. He had alwaysheld back his feelings never sharing his thoughts withanyone. After a while this boy had grow close to me andwe had started dating.The boy and I decided one day tocall it off and just be good friends, but for the boy and I wedidn’t realize it but we had already grown to close.Duringa past years of being together we had dated on and off. Finding that ever time we split apart we had grown closerand could never leave each other’s sight. Finally the boyand I decided to give it a long-term try, where we couldtalk out our differences and problems. I always knew thatthere was something he was holding back from me, but Icould figure out what it was.

The boy and I finally came to find that we loved each othernot only as a couple, but also as a friend. We could alwaystalk about what was on his mind and he would tell me littlestuff such as: “I am just not happy with how things work inlife.” or “I can’t understand how people do things like that.” He would get upset so easily when he heard about parentsforcing kids to believe in what the parents wanted them toagainst their will. I never understood why until one daywhen he decided to talk to me about it. When we firststarted to talk he told me first about the scar on his side, hetold me how it wasn’t a bullet mark that scraped across himbut it was from when he had chicken pox. He told meabout when he used to live in Bristol, and his dad was aPasteur and how his dad had got to close to people in thechurch and they didn’t like it so he was harassed until theymoved here. His dad got his license for being a Pastuertaken away because of that. The boy said he w!as scared until I came along.

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He said that he felt he could trust me and knew he shouldgive reasons on why he had hurt me before in the past. Hefelt that he should explain him self to me so that I knewhow much I’ve done for him. He said I opened doorwaysfor him and broke barriers. He told me that I showed himthat people shouldn’t hide their emotions even if they hurt.

He said I taught him how to trust again. He said I taughthim that not every body was going to hurt him. The boysaid that the one thing I did for him that he would neverforget was to learn how to cry again. That day alone Ihave never seen someone show all his aggressions and fearbefore, with one person. That will be the one true thing Iam can actually say that I have done for someone.

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