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Coming up with inspirational speech topics can be difficult, but on this page I’ll show you how to choose a subject and speak on it in a way that will motivate your audience.

The key is to remember that the most powerful speeches tend to be the ones that are written from experience, either your own or from experiences shared with you by others.

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Speech Topic: Try to truly connect with your listeners…

It’s important that the content of your speech strikes an emotional chord with your audience. If the content is lacking, the crowd will quickly become disinterested. And it’s equally important to deliver this content in an upbeat, inspiring way.

Content for your speech can be pulled from your own life story, or from the stories of others. No matter the source, the most important factor is to ensure that the target audience will connect with the material.

Choosing a great inspirational speech topic that has meaning for YOU will allow your passion for the subject to really shine. If you think about it, you cannot truly inspire others without first inspiring yourself. By relating your personal experiences or insights into the topic at hand, you are more likely to win over the crowd and capture their interest.

Try your best to speak in a way that gets your listeners involved, by encouraging them to put themselves in your shoes, or to think of occasions where they’ve faced similar problems or challenges. If you can get people to relate to the content of your story, you will have accomplished your purpose.

Speech Topic: Avoid speaking in the 3rd person…

In other words, avoid talking about what “he” or “she” did. It is FAR more effective to speak directly about things YOU have learned or experienced. For instance, if you are giving a speech about creativity, speak about how painting helped you uncover your artistic talents. If you’ve overcome a personal battle, explain how you accomplished it and how your life changed as a result.

Watch this inspirational speech given on the Oprah Winfrey show by Doctor Randy Pausch, an American professor dying from pancreatic cancer who has inspired millions.

The difference between good inspirational speech topics, and great ones, is their authenticity.

To be genuine, an inspirational speech must touch on personal topics. Randy Pausch portrayed this perfectly in his speech while inspiring his audience members to become the best that they could be.

Don’t be afraid to let your audience know about certain emotional or inspiring events in your life. Although it may seem hard to disclose such information, in the end you will find it to be rewarding. By sharing the events of your life, you are in turn helping others overcome obstacles in their own lives.

Speech Topic: Know your audience

When considering potential inspirational speech topics, think about WHO your audience is.

Take the time to map out what you perceive to be their main goals and attitudes. By defining the audience, you can better tailor the subject matter of your speech to suit their needs. Ultimately, this will result in a more fulfilling experience for both yourself and your listeners.

Speech Topic: Captivate your listeners

One final point – it’s crucially important to set a rhythm for your speech.

Speeches are not read in the same way as newspaper articles. Speeches are, in fact, performed!

Treat inspirational speech topics like pieces of spoken poetry. Before the big event, take note of where you would like to pause for effect, and raise or lower your voice. Of course, the response from the crowd may dictate the delivery of certain passages. But by treating the speech like a script, you will be able to better incorporate impromptu audience responses.

Above all else, make sure you truly connect with your material. Once you find your passion, you can then find your words!


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