Maya Angelou: An Inspirational Writer and Poet

Although life growing up for me was pleasant rather abusive, I am truly inspired by the faith in God, determination, and will of Maya Angelou. Mary Angelou is a famous religious woman who became a successful author, dancer, editor, educator, filmmaker, performer, and singer in spite of her unpleasant childhood. Maya Angelou is a woman who depends on God for leadership and guidance, as a child she was abandon and raped. Angelou and her older brother were forced to live with their grandmother as a result of the divorce of their parents.

At age eight Maya was raped by her mother’s boyfriend, after the rape she became mute and did not speak for five years. Angelou’s faith and belief in God brought her out of sadness allowing her to speak again at age thirteen. Even though I was not raped as a child my father past when I was only six his death left me with a lonely and sad feeling and like Angelou I was young but brought up in the church with a Biblical worldview, which also gave me the will to place my sadness behind me and become closer to God .

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Maya’s also inspires me because of her determination to be successful regardless of how painful aspects in life are. Determination is vital to me as well, life is not always pleasant but our belief in God set us free to express ourselves without fear of punishment. Angelou as me understands that God gave us a gift to use as an honor to him, therefore or family and church upbringing gives us confidence to believe that we can succeed because of our character and God given talent. I am not a famous author, dancer, editor, filmmaker, performer, nor singer but an educator I am.

I educate individuals with knowledge of God our creator with determination and drive to succeed as a Sunday school teacher. Angelou’s belief that God is the key to encouragement is another characteristic that stimulates my likeness of her because I too, know that God is the Role Model Review 3 key that shapes my life and gives me the courage I need to succeed at life’s phases. I chose Maya Angelou as a personal role model because she is a woman of God, as I am. Her poetry is relaxing to the mind and provides me with confidence to live a Godly life.

Angelou’s poem “I Know Why the caged Bird Sings” is very influential to my life because it reminds me how God brings happiness into our life and gives us another day to be thankful for. This poem explains how Maya felt as though she was a caged bird singing to God to free her from life’s distasteful features. The poem indicates that through the belief and faith of God we will be free to overcome all things. As an older woman Angelou is still active and have the determination to succeed. In conclusion I am inspired by Maya Angelou because of her belief and faith in God, her determination, and will to be successful.

Like Angelou as a young child I was brought up in a Christian lifestyle and taught to trust in God to free me from obstacles in life. Maya Angelou life as a child was full of pain but her determination and trust in God gave her courage to be successful. Although life for me as a child was pleasant, loneliness and sadness came as a result of the death of my father and like Angelou I song out to God for freedom. Today Maya Angelou is and older woman but she maintains her faith, determination and will to continue her success, as I do with the gift God gave me to educate other on his word.


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