About My Goals And Motivation To Achieve

What is the activity? The main objective is to create an interactive journaling experience that helps you record, monitor, and measure how you feel and importantly, why you might feel that way. In addition, this app aims to help you cope with stress by offering advice as well as games and music that help relax and comfort you. Why is it a good candidate: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression or anxiety. However, most people are unable to identify the cause of it. Studies have shown that journaling can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health. Although journaling may not be able to directly cure depression, it can help identify what makes you feel the way you do. One can either journal using a diary or an app, however, one of the biggest disadvantages of writing in a diary is that we barely get time to go through our entries and self-reflect.

This is where apps play an important role as it enables you to write on the go and keeps track of your entries in an organized manner. Similar mood-tracking and journaling apps exist out there yet very few apps sort out your entries and help identify which activity triggers which emotions and offer you ways to cope with the way you feel. How users will benefit from this:Organize: this app will help record and organize your daily musings, the feelings you had about a certain experience or opinions about a specific activity or event. It will allow you to tag and archive your entries so that you can find your entries in an instant. Self-Reflect: Responsibilities and expectations start to consume us. This app will enable you to step back and reflect on yourseif it will help you see patterns in your behavior in the form of a mood chart.

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This will help you look back at what you’ve written, think about how you’ve changed, discover things you want to change, or decide on things you need to change. Reduces Stress: Expressing yourself is a positive way to free tension you may be internalizing. With this app, you can pen down your anxieties, frustrations, and pains as well as view the activities that have made you feel stressed. In addition, this app will also help you relax by offering soothing music, advice as well as stress-buster games based on your every mood. Achieving Goals: It is known that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. This app not only enables you to jot down a list of your ambitions and aspirations but also reminds you of your goals and motivates you to work towards them. On every goal completion, you can unlock certain features and rewards making you want to come back to the app.

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