Movies That Make Me Happy

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Visiting Kerry, a small town near Dublin, Ireland last year, was an incredibly transformative experience for me. It continues to be the most awe-inspiring place I have ever seen.

Visiting Ireland completely transformed my perspective on life and deepened my gratitude for the things I possess. It also instilled in me the importance of staying open-minded, avoiding complacency, and embracing love for all aspects of existence. Upon returning home, an overwhelming sense of joy enveloped me, untouchable by any external influences. Although this euphoria gradually diminished over time, it dawned upon me that I would forever remain a fulfilled individual with boundless affection and receptiveness.

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Everyday influences such as film, art, and music always serve as a constant reminder of my trip and the happiness it brought. Specifically, Good Will Hunting is a movie that assists me in appreciating the small pleasures in life.

Will Hunting, portrayed by Matt Damon, is the protagonist of this narrative. He resides in impoverished south Boston and faces various challenges. Despite his extraordinary mathematical talents, he has never fully utilized them due to his tough demeanor and a series of dysfunctional foster homes he was raised in. However, with guidance from an MIT professor and a psychology teacher played by Robin Williams, Will ultimately gains the courage to confront his issues and discover his true capabilities. The genuineness of this film resonated with me, serving as a reminder to appreciate the loving family and supportive friends I am fortunate to have.

The significance of freedom is frequently disregarded in contemporary society, and its genuine worth can only be comprehended by individuals who actively pursue it or endure its lack. This deep appreciation for freedom is beautifully portrayed in the films Brave Heart and Michael Collins.

Both William Wallace (Brave Heart) and Michael Collins (Michael Collins) were significant figures living during a period of oppressive British rule. They valiantly fought for freedom, ultimately sacrificing their lives in the pursuit of it. These films evoke a sense of joy and gratitude within me for my own freedom, as it provides the ability to pursue opportunities that arise. Moreover, art has a similar effect on emotions, with a solitary piece having the power to capture a particular moment of sentiment or sensation.

Claude Monet and Edward Hopper are artists who skillfully convey emotion through their paintings. In Monet’s piece, The Stroll: Camille Monet, he depicts Camille standing in a field, creating a seemingly simple scene. However, Monet’s masterful execution evokes a deeper emotional response. This exemplifies the uniqueness of art, which allows me to interpret the artist’s intended message through their work. Similarly, in Hopper’s painting, Route 6, there is a distinct warm feeling emitted from the artwork.

Experiencing warmth is a delightful emotion that I have encountered. Another time I feel immense joy is when I witness nature’s finest forms, such as sunsets, sunrises, and grassy fields. Liz Sexton, an artist who creates stunning paintings showcasing the beauty of nature, captivates me with her exceptional and unique artwork. It makes me feel incredibly lucky to be able to appreciate this artistic brilliance, which brings immense happiness into my life.

The most significant impact on my life is music. Listening to acoustic Led Zeppelin brings me great joy. It was during my time in Ireland that I truly appreciated my fortune, coinciding with Zeppelin’s “Going to California”.

Ever since then, all I listen to is acoustic music, as it brings me the utmost joy. Other acoustic artists, such as Elliott Smith, create beautiful music. Smith’s songs “Kiwi Maddog 20/20” and “No Name #3” evoke memories of going to the beach with my friends, which also brings me great happiness. Another musician, Nick Drake, amplifies my joy. In my opinion, Nick Drake is the greatest acoustic musician of all time. His album “Pink Moon” is exquisite and reminds me of the company of my friends.

Music, particularly acoustic music, brings me tremendous joy and helps me appreciate the wonders of life, such as the beauty found in nature and the importance of friends. My journey to Ireland awakened me to the preciousness of life, leading to a complete transformation in my mindset. I now cherish everything I have and radiate happiness, openness, and love towards all living things. Moreover, film, art, and music serve as a constant reminder of these profound realizations.

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