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Review on Ways to Have a Happy and Close-knit Family



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    Essay Review on Ways to Have a Happy and Close-knit Family

                This essay is a combination of theoretical and personal information on how families promote happiness and togetherness. The content, structure, research, format and style were properly incorporated in this essay.

                For the content, the thesis statement of strong relationship, bonding activities and solid religious and personal values are the key factors in having a happy and close-knit family is well supported by different studies, survey and research done by experts on the subject matter which were combined with the personal experiences of the author. Through this approach, the essay was made easy to comprehend by people specifically to those who have little knowledge about the topic. However, further explanations and the inclusion of more details could have made the essay more comprehensive. It failed to bring the essay to another level. The essay could have been more expansive if it had included other aspects of the factors mentioned in the thesis statement. But overall, the essay was direct to the point and very concise which included logical arguments that were supported by well-constructed statements and facts.

                In terms of structure, the essay employed basic components. It is composed of nine paragraphs wherein it is divided into the introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction was started using a question which is good because it grabs the attention of the reader and makes the essay more interactive. After that, the thesis statement was briefly cited at the beginning of the essay. Next would be the body where the main topic and sub-topics were discussed. It is in this part where the author connected the supporting facts and information to the thesis statement. Meanwhile, the last part contained the conclusion which was briefly cited that reiterated the thesis statement. The consistency of the structure gave the essay coherent. Because of this, the mentioning of irrelevant information was prevented thus an effective essay was produced.

                Moreover, the author of the essay used different types of sources such as books, online publications and videos. These diverse resources gave the essay integrity because it was not biased and objective. The author used different sources to provide different perspectives on the subject matter. However, the addition of more sources like interviews and surveys would make the essay more credible and beneficial specifically to the readers. In Jim Burn’s “The 10 Building Blocks for a Happy Family,” he provided an overview and tips on how to maintain happy family. Also, several issues concerning this topic were also addressed in this article. Meanwhile, the research made by Krysan, Moore and Zill called “Identifying Successful Families: An Overview of Construct and Selected Measures,” the authors focused on showing the different factors that contribute in having a strong, health and successful family. The book was intended to help professionals ho study this subject in order to help them develop programs and policies for families. I will serve as a handbook for professionals and family as well. “Sisters and Brothers/Daughters and Sons: Meeting the Needs of Old parents” by Sarah Matthews narrated about the treatment of elderly parents after World War II. It is a narrative that depicted elderly parents in a realistic and positive manner. This book will be good for academic research and study. Moreover, the video “No magic answers: approaches to effective parenting,” provided a variety of views and opinions from different parents on how to properly raise their children. It is mainly consist of discussions of parents on the issue of parenting and their role in the lives of their children. Lastly, the article entitled “The Secret of a Close-Knit Family or Relationship” by Gary Smalley focused on giving tips to its viewer regarding what things are necessary in having a close-knit family. The claims mentioned the article were based on the results of the author’s interviews with different families. Generally, the sources used for this essay were interconnected that strengthened the thesis statement.

                For the style and format of the essay, the author employed narrated about his experiences and at the same time supported his claims with the studies made by professionals. The tone of the essay was not intimidating; in fact it made use of personal touches to make it the essay more experience-based.

                This essay has effectively answered its thesis statement that happiness and closeness in the family are achieved through the three factors mentioned. Also, through the informative content, cohesive structure, substantial research and personal style, the essay can be easily comprehended by the readers and it will also serve as a guide to families.


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