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Music Downloads Persuasive

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Language Arts: Persuasive Essay INTRO: According to the RIAA, 95% of all music downloads of 2008 were illegal. Since then, the amount of illegal downloads have escalated. Although many people consider this as a minor crime, it is stealing, which is serious no matter how it is done. As this trend is becoming more and more popular, people are losing money, jobs, and victims can be fined high amounts of money. Internet officials cannot punish every person involved in the crime, so most assume that nothing will happen to them, or it won’t affect anyone.

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Music Downloads Persuasive
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These persecutors are wrong, and this crime is serious and unacceptable. OPPOSING ARGUMENT: The opposing arguments to this are that downloading music illegally is okay, or has benefits. Although this is false in my opinion, there are some points that are understandable. For example, the iTunes fee for a song is usually $1. 29 which is overpriced. It is good quality music and all, but when you could get the exact same song with the same quality for free, it can be tempting.

Another point is that the victim may not realize that what they are doing is illegal, and that it’s just a convenient way to get their music. CONCLUSION: Overall, there is a lot of evidence that downloading music illegally is wrong. Everyone has a different opinion on it, but it is still a crime. Downloading music illegally has some benefits, but the cons outnumber them by a lot. Not only are you taking away money from all the people that work to create the songs, but you aren’t being a loyal fan to whoever you are listening to. With all of these points in mind, remember download music illegally is wrong.

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