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According to the RIAA, there has been an increase in the percentage of illegal music downloads since 2008. Although some may consider this a minor offense, it is crucial to acknowledge that it constitutes theft and should be treated seriously regardless of the methods employed. As this trend gains popularity, individuals experience financial loss and job insecurity, while those engaging in these acts face significant fines. Internet authorities are unable to penalize every person involved in these unlawful actions, leading many to believe they can evade consequences or inflict harm on others. However, these offenders are mistaken; this crime is both severe and unacceptable.

Opposing Argument

Although I personally disagree, there are arguments that suggest downloading music without permission is acceptable or even beneficial. One argument is the expensive price of purchasing a song on iTunes, usually $1.29, which some consider overpriced. Despite the high quality of available music for purchase, it can be tempting to opt for obtaining the same song for free.

Moreover, the person who becomes a victim may be unaware that their actions are illegal. They might only see it as a convenient means of acquiring the music they want.


Overall, there is substantial evidence to suggest that illegally downloading music is morally wrong. Despite differing opinions, it is still considered a criminal act. While there may be some benefits to illicit downloads, the drawbacks significantly outweigh them. Engaging in this behavior not only deprives artists of their rightful earnings but also shows a lack of loyalty as a fan. It is vital to remember that downloading music illegally is undeniably unethical.

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