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Musical Assignment

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Music has always been a passion of mine. As far as I can remember I have in one shape of form indulgence in the passions of either playing a musical instrument such as the piano. Playing a musical instrument has always been an interest of mine. As a child I remember being quite timid and often pressured by my parents to play the piano and flute. Like many kids who are pressured through their childhood I stemmed away from playing any musical instrument yet I yarned to learn more in secret.

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However, now looking back to it I should of paid more attention to gift my parents were trying to influence. I now enjoy playing the piano and producing music as well as being a DC in multiple scenes of life, from fashion shows to clubs to social gatherings and weddings. Music is an essential part of my life and I will keep passing this wonderful gift to my children. My musical journey is expressing my feelings through the composition of music and letting my pain and sorrows go through melodies and harmonies that I compose.

As a child I associated myself with Gospel, Rap, Salsa, Meringue, Rock,

Pop and Regnant. I remember my parents always taking us on long road trips cross-country and listening to a lot of gospel and salsa mainly, it made it feel like home. It was always a joyful experience knowing that when you got in the car with either parent you were bound to hear something new and interesting but at the same time it WOUld not be explicit in nature and could have a nice message to it. I remember songs such as “Beat It” from Michael Jackson, “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor and singing along to the music although did not understand the lyrical repose of the song.

You could always know there was a party going on in the house or if either parent was cleaning if you heard “Suaveness” by Elvis Creeps start playing in the house. Just like most teenagers in the adolescent years I listened to new age rock band such as Linking Park. I remember first seeing the logo for this band Off classmates note book and was very intrigued to what Linking Park was. As a child wasn’t considered one of the popular kids and one of the songs I can say I identified myself with was with “Crawling” from their infamous Hybrid Theory

CD, it satisfied that desire to just let go and release how I felt. As I continued to experiment with this new type of music I followed up with listening to “In the end” by Linking Park and really listening to the message it was conveying uplifted my spirits and would remind me that no matter how hard you try if you do not take advantage of time you will just look back at all the time you wasted unless you break free from the design you will just be close minded, only worrying about what happened versus on what could have been.

In addition, I find myself associating orchestral scores or just classical music as comforting tool when I am feeling a bit down or need to just reflect for the day. Especially music scores composed by my favorite composer Hans Simmer, a few of my all time favorites are “Time” from the movie Inception, “The Karen” from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest and “The Turners Reunite” from the movies Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. I find this music quite soothing and it makes my mind enter in a state that I refer to as a bridge between a genius and insane mind.

I say that because lose myself and passionate emotions are felt as the music progresses. Joanna made an interesting point when it came to music that limiting ourselves to one kind of music is as detrimental to growth as if we were never to set foot outside our house and discover the unlimited life experiences waiting out there Manor, 2012). In my adult life I find music can create all sorts of emotions in people. It can instill anger, fear, sadness, hope, comfort, etc. The emotions that music can influence are limitless. Yet, I associate Salsa with happiness.

Given the nature and flavor demonstrated through the rich drums and upbeat that salsa carries it orators Caribbean enrichment and enchantment. Songs such as “Mi Negro” by La Sonora Carousels introduces a beat that would get anyone moving and in a joyful mood. It would definitely be a song to here when you want to get up and dance. I mainly associate salsa with happiness and it gets me moving. Although, as human beings we all assess life differently and have a different perspective of music, I can confidently say that a world without music would be a world not be worth living.

Each of our life experiences revolves around sound ND the creation of sound to give meaning to what we want to express; music is the shaped sound between silences (Joanna ; Latherer, 2012). In our lives we all will experience music a different manner, it is up to the individual to give a meaning to the music he/she hears and let it define their own way of thinking, viewing and associating the world with what they feel or felt.

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