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My Friend Virgin Girlfriend Shaifali

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It happened when Shaifali came to Pune from Mumbai and we met accidentally. I took her to my place knowing there was no one and this was a very good chance to fuck her. She came for just 5 minutes and was asking to leave as she knew Nikhil won’t like it. I said have a juice and then leave. She agreed and she had no idea that I was planning to have her milk in return of juice. She was wearing a red tight shirt and black jeans.

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My Friend Virgin Girlfriend Shaifali
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Her boobs were so big that accidentally her button opened up exposing her white bra and mild cleavage. I told her that the juice is being prepared till then I could show her my home. That was a plan to take her to my bedroom. She agreed and her button was still open.

She came to my bedroom and then I told her to sit on my bed while I bring the juice.

I got the juice and purposely I acted to fall and spill her glass of juice on her shirt and my glass on her jeans.

She was wet totally. I told her not to worry and that I have a very costly washing machine which will wash and dry it within an hour. That was the time I was going to fuck her. She denied and said its O.K But then I said I will give you my t-shirt to wear till then and without waiting for her reply I removed her shirt

Completely. She had a white bra covering almost all her boobs. But she had amazing big boobs and then even I removed my everything except undies saying that even my clothes were wet. She was staring at my 8 inch cock which got erect seeing her boobs. She dint like it she asked me for t-shirt and jeans.

I told her that her bra was also wet. She looked down. It was wet and sticking to her boobs and her nipples were clearly seen. I went ahead to remove her bra but she.

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