The Movie “College Road Trip” Analysis

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The movie “College Road Trip” seems to have failed miserably as a family entertainer and as a comedy. The movie is centered on a over-protective cop-dad (Martin Lawrence), who accompanies his daughter (Raven-Symone) who wants to go to Georgetown University for the fall. They intend to check up prospective colleges. Her younger brother (Eshaya Draper) also pitches in with his pet, a pig, along with Raven’s other friends. They all take a road trip in a police vehicle, and the movie intends to be funny till they successfully reach the admissions office at the right moment for her interview.

The movie gives opportunities for several unsuccessful funny situations, like when they are left without a car, and walk to a motel. The motel doesn’t allow pets and so they wrap the pig and take it inside in the guise of a pig. However, the pig escapes only to ruin a wedding. One night at Pittsburgh, when the daughter stays with her friends, the over protective dad in an effort to spy on his daughter enters a sorority house, where he is caught. Lawrence and Raven only seem to outdo each other with their screams, facial contortions and wails (mag4you).

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The destruction of the police vehicle, the wedding chaos, skydive and golf course happenings, all seem to happen for the sake of excitement, not due to any rational or logical developments. This is true for the fact that they chose to take a flight to Washington rather than drive down. They then have to skydive onto a golf course, ruining a golfer’s $20,000 bet on a easy putt, and ultimately making in time for the interview, because it so happens that the golf course in on the campus.

“Lawrence has pulled off this mugging man-child act for so long now that you can leave for refreshments in the middle of his shtick not only feeling you haven’t missed much, but able to play your own fill-in-the-missing-Martin-Lawrence-bits game when you return to your seat” (Katey Rich).


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