My Life Obstacles That Motivated Me in the Field of Medicine

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Growing up in Africa was tough, as all I could do as a kid was help my parents work on the farm to make ends meet. Both of my parents never went to school and had no education but they made sure their child got the best education they could not get in their time. At a very young age, I realized that all I could do for myself to have a better life was to be determined and focus on my education regardless of where I got it.

Throughout my life, I have witnessed the hardships my younger sister went through because she was diagnosed with asthma at birth. She didn’t seem to enjoy life or do as much as her peers. Due to the lack of proper education and awareness about asthma in the African villages, it got to the point where nothing could be done for her, and she eventually died one night of an asthma attack in her sleep.

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Witnessing the struggles she went through before her death prompted me to look for something that would give me more knowledge about preventive health measures for future emergencies; there, my passion for the profession of a pharmacist grew. Being a first generation African American in today’s society, I have learned that I must be resilient in order to achieve my dreams and goals. After my younger sister’s death, my parents fought tirelessly to eventually build a path for me to succeed.

Upon migrating to the United States, I furthered my education by pursuing Biotechnology with the aim of learning and acquiring more knowledge and understanding about how to process medication for best fit health treatment. In my various classes during my undergraduate days, I learned how to do titrations, dissections, check optical densities using spectrophotometry, centrifuging, DNA extractions and others.

My experience working in a pharmaceutical environment, made me realized that Pharmacists responds to the needs of patients with very holistic and effective approaches for providing medication for better health treatment. I observed when Pharmacists deliver equal parts, education, empowerment and quality care to patients through the provision of knowledge about a prescription/medication and the results are excellent. For me, pharmacy exemplifies my ideals for the provision of quality treatment care and human dignity in the face of adversity.

Pharmacists are experts on drug therapy and are primary health professionals who optimize the use of medication for the benefit of the patients. Pharmacists play an important role in helping the people’s to get the best results from their medications. They are an integral part of the health care team, and are among the most trusted and accessible health care professionals in the world.

This accessibility allows them to perform more patient care activities, including counseling, medication management, and preventive care screenings. With this in mind, I seek to practice with such excellence in primary and preventive care to all people. It is my goal to be a primary advocacy in the care of patients, serve patients and their loved ones to reduce vulnerabilities.

It is my desire to be the Pharmacist whose goal is to improve health outcomes through the provision of medication, counseling and education, lower costs, and raise the quality of life for patients with all types of medical problems and conditions. I believe that being focus on helping patients improve their health and well-being will only help us as a profession going forward.

There are lot of careers in the world but Pharmacy has been the one I have always set my mind on due to the positive impact I want to make in the lives of people every day. The idea of helping others by working directly with them is what motivates me each and every day to pursue this dream. I am determined and driven individual who is focused on putting all my creativity and energy to diverse and demanding situations.

Although I might not be the most academically skilled, Pharmacy is one thing that I would never quit on. I am willing to give it my full dedication and promise to enhance the field by setting up an NGO in Africa to better serve and improve the health of people.

My primary objective is to become an excellent Pharmacist whose contributions strongly impact, empower, and improve the health of individuals, their family and communities. I am without a doubt that earning my degree at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine would prepare me with the necessary skills in leadership, research, and medicine. I know I will gain an even more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the mechanism between our body and how they react to medication and their influence on our overall health.

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