I Am Motivated To Work as a VFX Artist in The Design And Gaming Industry

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Two years ago, I started my journey at the University of Texas(UT) with a high passion for applied sciences. Being confident that I can succeed in being a computer science major. Not knowing that Computer Science was not the right path for me, I transferred to the major from Houston Community College. From being an ‘A’ student my whole life, I turned into a poorly qualified student within a short amount of time. Despite all the difficulties, I persisted to stay in the major. I was sold on glorious stories from the prospectus about Computer Science at UT. However, my skills and abilities were not meant for Computer Science.

I would love to study Arts and Entertainment Technology(AET) with a focus of Digital Visualization for the rest of my journey at UT. Arts and Entertainment technology would have been my first choice when I got to UT if they would have accepted transfer students from other colleges. This major fits in perfectly with my career aims and fervor toward art and animation. Since I could remember, I have spent most of my time painting and being inspired to create art. My passion for art has grown with me so much that I cannot see my future without it.

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As an artist, I have worked with gouache, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, and pencil. Since there is no end in the field of art, I am still making progress toward my artistic endeavors and creating artwork. In the past two semesters that I have been taking AET courses, every project has been challenging but rewarding as I go forward in this path and receiving good grades. I dedicate most of my time on AET projects and tend to make a more powerful portfolio each day. I am motivated to work as a VFX artist within design and game industry after graduation. To achieve this goal, I am excited that I have the opportunity to work with other AET students to not only create digital art but also gain insight and inspiration from them. A few examples are designing an album cover for a group of AET majors focusing on music and sound, designing logos, and websites, and selling multiple paintings.

I know I can bring my best to this major and feel motivated to acquire more knowledge in this subject matter. What inspired me about AET is how it teaches artistic concepts that can be applied in a practical way and vice versa. AET’s broad nature would enable me to explore everything from animation, game design, graphic design and anything in between. I am confident that being an AET major is the right place for me to augment my knowledge and enhance my qualifications and skills.

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