My Lovely Friend

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I absolutely believe that everyone in the world has a best friend. Most people has been through multiple best friends within their lifetime. A best friend is your closest friend. Someone to talk to, the first person you think about when you will to do something. Someone to help you with things and they are so much more than just those qualities. In my case, my close friend has helped me to understand certain situation from many different point of view rather than just my own.

I have a close friend, her name is Lailatul Karimah. Usually, I call her Rims. Rims has been my close friend for a year. I first met her in this collage, Jember University, exactly when we did the registration. At that time, all of the new student of Jember University sit in front of Soetardjo building. Including me, We are waiting for our number called by the officer. I sit next to a beautiful girl who wears the red cloth and the hijab has the same color with her cloth. She sat beside her father, and so do I. I taught we still did not have a friend at that time, that is why I tried to start a short conversation with her. Firstly, I asked what is her name, where does she come from, what is her major , etc. After that, we started talking and sharing our experiences each other. In several minutes, I felt enjoy with her. Then, I decided to ask her to become my roommate in boarding house. Fortunately, She agreed with me. We have been close friend ever since.

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Rims is Javanese people. She is quite good looking. Her tall body is 160 cm and her weight is 54 kg. She has a black sweet skin and short black hair. Then, Rims also has a pointed nose, oval face and of course she is a beautiful girl with her hijab. Rims is feminim girl. She is very neat and always cares about her appearance very well. She likes neutral and dark colors, such as black, navy, white, grey etc. About her own style, She has a unique outfit of the day. So, she always looks well-dressed even in casual cloth. She loves flatshoes morethan sneakers. So that, she has so many collection of flatshoes. Besides that, she also has many of sling bag or tote bag. Like most of woman, the most important thing is, she always more cares with her healthy body and of course, her make up. She has collection of lipstick, mascara,eye shadow, eyeliner, false eyelashes, skincare, powder, concealer, foundation, perfume and many others that I do not understand well each of them.

Not only has a beautiful from her physical, but also her inner beauty. Like many Indonesian people, She has a great sense of attitude. Furthermore, She is a religious person, She always invites her friends to pray and worship God. Rims is caring and helping her friends who has some problems and never underestimates friends. Even though her friends have different beliefs with her. She never offends others, She tries to respect and understand them. Rims is tolerate person. Because, she believes that the differences are beautiful.

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