The Lovely Bones Book Report Essay

For my book of the month I chose to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The book was an amazing experience because it was very exciting, it drew wonderful pictures in my mind. This book was heartfelt, but yet at times it was funny. this book had a great message and i enjoyed reading it. The characters in the book were excellent. the author made them very believable and realistic. My favorite character was Lindsey, Susie’s younger sister. If one of my family members died I think I would be some what like her.

I would be strong and not show emotions to others, it would be hard, but I would do something like that.

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The Lovely Bones Book Report
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The youngest sibling, Buckley, was also a well written character. he made the best of every situation, even Susie’s death. While reading The Lovely Bones My interest struck throughout the whole novel. During this story I never became bored and I was always on the edge of my seat.

Alice Sebold put random facts about the characters into the story, and some of them just made my jaw drop. I would not change anything about this book, it was amazing! I loved the scenes the author created, I found it a very touching book. In the pages of this book I learned some valuable lessons.

Always talk with someone about your feelings, always! Keeping stuff locked up is not good for your sanity. Get to know your neighbors on a personal level before trusting them, or else don’t go in a hole with them. Never talk to strangers, its silly but it can lead to dangerous things. I had fun reading this book and I would like to read more of Sebolds novels. I would recommend this book to all my friends, and share the amazing story with everyone. The Lovely Bones is full of laughs, suspense, and makes you ponder on the characters.

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