My Motivation to Contribute to the Work of Human Rights

The United Nations is an organization who’s purpose is to bring all the nations of the world together to work for peace and development. The organization in the United Nations I would want to be part of is Human Rights. Within the Human Rights Council, I would like to focus on the genocide in the world. In the Human Rights Council, the organization of my interest is the Prevention of Genocide. The Prevention of Genocide ensures that all groups within society enjoy the rights and dignity of belonging as equal citizens. Genocide is the intentional killing of a national, racial, or cultural group. I chose to be a part of this organization because there are innocent people dying in the world from genocide just because of their race. This appeals to me because in school, we have been learning about the people in Darfur and how they suffered from genocide. I want to try to help people who have experienced this genocide. Although the Human Rights Council tries to prevent genocide, there are also some small things I can do in order to contribute to world peace. In my contribution to world peace, I would like to do a couple of things to help the people who have been through genocide. One thing I would like to do is that I would try to raise awareness in my school about genocide in the world. I would hang up posters listing some facts about genocide and how it is killing many people. This will help because it will make people alert about genocide and it will advocate for them so they can try to help and spread the awareness too.

Another thing I would do in this organization to help contribute to world peace is that I would take a lot of my friends and do a fundraiser such as a carwash. We would raise money for the Prevention of Genocide organization so they can take that money and send it out to a country such as Darfur that has suffered the pain of genocide. This will help Darfur because they can use that money to buy new schools and rebuild their villages after it was burnt and destroyed by the Janjaweed militia, (the group causing genocide in Darfur). Raising awareness and doing fundraisers are both good ways to help the people that have experienced genocide in the world. These two things also make a meaningful contribution to world peace. The main purpose of the United Nations is to keep peace throughout the world and work together with other nations to help solve issues. The ways I want to keep peace throughout the world is promoting awareness and doing fundraisers. In my opinion, I think the United Nations is doing a good job to make an effort to keep peace throughout the world. I also think it is good how the Human Rights Council and the Prevention of Genocide organizations try to help and strengthen the protection of human rights around the world, such as trying to prevent genocide. These organizations are showing the groups that are causing genocide that we are all equal people and that no group or race is superior to one another and that nobody shouldn’t be treated differently just because of their race.

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