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My Personality Traits and Qualities

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My personality traits Topic sentence: Everyone has their own unique personality and. And it is important for us to know ourselves because by knowing ourselves, we can not only find the major or Job that suit our character, but also can get along with other peoples more easily. For me, I think my biggest personal trait is that I have willing to try things and not afraid of failed. Support sentences: As a born risk-taker and snooper, I like to keep trying new things and challenging myself.

And I think my parents took most of the credits for helping me build this personality.

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My Personality Traits and Qualities
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Because they support me of everything I’m interested like violin, piano, roller-blades, painting and horse riding. To be frankly I don’t like all of them at first but my parents Just told me give it a shot. After all, how can you prejudge one thing weather you like it or not if you don’t even put any effort on it.

In the end, the thing that I thought it was boring turn out to be quite fun and interesting. Ever since, I will hardly say no to the people who invite me something new that I have never tried before. As we all know that coins have two different opposites, though I coccids myself as a “dare to try” person.

Unfortunately, I am also an “impatient to persist” person. If something new that I have already tried more than two weeks and I still can’t find any pleasure or sense of achievement, I will Just quit it and never spend another minute on this thing. And usually if you want to be really good at something, it is not enough that you Just tried. You have to tried very hard and spend a lot of times on practice. This adverse personality leads me to “a Jack of all trade, but mastered none. ” Conclusion: In summary, thou there is unfavorable side of my personality, but if I can be more disciplined of don’t give up easily. I will become a better man.

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