My Personality Traits And Abilities More Associated With The Servant Leadership

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In this essay intro, I shall be discussing my personality traits and abilities more associated with the servant leadership. Some of the incidents and events have been explained that will give an idea of by abilities and why I feel myself to be an effective leader based on my personality and character.

Since the times that I have been growing up, I have noticed some exceptional traits that I didn’t see in the people of my age and because of these qualities, I was appreciated and recognized by my teachers. The most dominating trait that can make me into a good leader is that I can help people in any situation or circumstances. I connect to the people more by helping them in whatever problem they are facing.

Empathy in the leadership

The time when I was in high school, I was a brilliant student as I picked the difficult concepts earlier than some of my fellows and I used to help them by teaching the specific topic of chemistry or biology to them individually. This helped them get better understanding than the way it was explained in the class. I really felt bad for my fellow whom I watched struggling with their grades, so I used to go to them and offer them any sort of help they might need in their studies. My fellows loved the way I explained them things related to course and just to get better grip, they insisted to recap the concepts in the free times. This made me popular among my class mates and sometimes they mentioned me in front of the teachers. The feeling that I get when my fellow would pass the test with better grades because of my little efforts give me that satisfaction that I never experience even with my good grades. As quoted by Robin Sharma “Be a warrior when it comes to delivering on your ambitions. And a saint when it comes to treating people with respect, modeling generosity, and showing up with outright love” (Robin S. Sharma Quotes, n.d.)

Besides that, I have always been there to listen to my friends and fellows about their relationship talks, family problems or the about any tensions that they were facing because I am emphatic. “Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s experience, perspective and feelings. Also called “vicarious introspection,” it’s commonly described as the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. But make sure you are assessing how they would feel in their shoes, not how you would feel in their shoes. This is the tricky part” (Gourguechon, 2017). This trait helps me connect to my people or my team and an opportunity to understand them better.

Management Skills

I am a good manager, as I can manage the things and events quite well. I have been the leader of the management team for arranging the sports gala at my high school. My team was awarded a special prize for doing that as the administration was quite impressed by arrangements we made together. In my personal life, I manage my family event very well. I always try to make the things great in the way they should be and that gives a hard time to the people who are helping me as I believe strongly in the quote of Jim Collins “Good is the enemy of Great”. I never get satisfied to the things unless they are not great or the results are not up to my expectations, even if they give me a hard time doing them over and over again.

Persuasive Communication Skills

I have a persuasive trait in my personality that makes people listen to me and my ideas. May be that is because I am good in communicating with people having different personalities. Back in my high school, we needed a change in the policy that had been running in the school for decades, which was that the students with average academics were not allowed to take part in extra-curricular activities. As I was an active participant of non-academic activities, I was made to write a speech and also deliver it in front of the school board. It took just two session of dialogues after that speech and the school board agreed to my point. It would sound witty but I am the only one amongst my siblings who can persuade my parents to get anything that we all wish for.

Dedicated and Task Orientated

I am very ambitious and task-orientated. I dedicate all my skills and senses to the work I have been assigned to do. I do not give a damn to whatever is happening in the world or around me unless I am completed with my work and more importantly satisfied. My family and friends is evidence that I am never ready to go to any event unless I am done with my assignment or research.

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