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Everyone has a different type of writing process that they go through every time that they write a paper from start to finish. I personally like to start writing a paper at least a week in advance before it is due that way I will receive a good grade for the assignment. I’ve always liked to write my papers while there is no talking, but when you come to college you usually have a roommate and mine likes to play the PlayStation a lot. I really write better with my headphones in and listening to my favorite song. Sometimes I make myself believe that I’m not writing a paper that way I’ll be able to force myself to sit at my desk and finish writing my paper to receive a good grade for the paper. Sometimes when I write it can be the best that I’ve ever done but there is a possibility that what I’m trying to write is something you won’t understand, or you will think I’m not telling the truth. I feel like while I’m typing a paper I am locked on one thing and one thing only. It was very smart for me to be organized that way all my writings and readings assignments got finished and turned in on time. I would always mark on my calendar when a paper would be due, and I would start on that paper at least a week before depending on other classes papers or assignments.

My personal writing process is sometimes good but sometimes sloppy. When I sit down at my desk I can’t just start writing my paper. I feel like after I write my name, my teachers name, and the course number I just get stuck sometimes trying to start my paper. Sometimes it’s just the introduction that can really starts to confuse me. After I try to write for a long time I like to tell myself, “Come on Lane push yourself.” Most of the time after saying this I feel like my writing will be much better. It has seemed to work on the past writing assignments. After writing a sentence one to two times I usually can figure out what sounds best. On the other hand, sometimes I must re-write a sentence multiple times just to find out what sounds the best and flows nicely. (I’ve done this to my introduction paragraph already.) Some of the papers that I have wrote have not been the best when it comes to organization. That’s why this paper is very much more organized. Sometimes I felt very distracted while writing my papers, and I feel like this a reason of my organization of my papers. I think this happens because of my writing style. I would describe my writing style as straight to the point. Readers may feel that it is not organized but to me it seems like a good paper. While I’m typing and slip up and misspell a word I usually won’t fix it until I have finished that sentence or even that paragraph. I’m not sure why I do this but it’s just what I’ve done for as long as I can remember.

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Just to see what my writing process was like I recorded myself writing a paper for my history class and was very intrigued with my results. I like to start all my papers by writing an outline using my paper and pen. After I write my outline then I begin to put it on the computer as I’m making sure of no more mistakes that may have been on my outline of my paper. I like to write my introduction and conclusion first that way I can fill in the middle what needs to go there. As I said about the environment, I like to have my headphones in because of my roommate. Most of the time I write my paper is during the morning before class or late at night. My roommate likes to play PlayStation more than anything which can make me distracted from my writings. It’s weird how I like to listen music while I type but don’t get distracted while I can easily get distracted by my roommate talking and yelling at the game. Most of the time I write sitting at my desk with my desk lamp and music playing in my ears. When I get in the “mood” to start writing the paper I begin to feel like I can’t stop writing sometimes. I like to always have something to drink and eat with me as well. Whether it’s a water or a soda, or when it comes to something to eat I was eating popcorn while I wrote the paper. I suppose I like to eat while I write or while I’m playing a PlayStation game.

After watching my recording, I noticed how I just sat in my chair with my eyes peeled to the screen. I thought to myself what I was thinking at that certain time and why I wrote what I wrote on my history paper. I watch me reach for my drink and food constantly. I even leave once or twice to use the restroom. I almost felt like my body was glued to my seat at sometimes because I knew if I didn’t finish the paper then I would have been given a bad grade for the assignment, and that’s not what I want. At times I would look to my right which is where my roommate plays the PlayStation, and I knew that was me being distracted while trying to write the paper. Closer to the end of my video I noticed that I kind of started to relax in my seat. I suppose this was a sign of relief for me as I had now finished the paper and felt very confident that I would receive a good grade for my work. I decided to watch my recording one more time to see if I noticed anything differently from the first one. Surprisingly, I noticed me looking at my phone every now and then. I was very surprised because I was confused why I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the recording. I feel like having my phone there next to me is also just a necessity even though it obviously is another distraction from my writing.

This will be the fourth paper we have written and there are many assignments that am I satisfied with, but I believe that this paper is my most satisfying paper because of how I organized it very well. I am also satisfied with my sentence structures in my essays since I’ve began writing here at Memphis. I feel like after this English class I’m satisfied with my work and can only hopefully for the best for me after this class. The readings we have done have for sure helped me learn the terms and the assignments much better because I could just look up chapter to find out what we were talking about. All the readings were such a help to all my writing assignments. I don’t really have any issues with literacy now that I have taken this English class. It was definitely such an eye opener to the Literacy world.

Thinking about my goals that I had from the beginning of the semester. I believe that I have reached a few of them. One for sure was to finish this English class with a passing grade. Another goal would be just to learn something new, and I absolutely learned so much more than I think my brain could handle. Although, I knew that it was going to be that way before the first day of class. I just told myself the first day that I had to apply myself to this because this is for my future here at the University of Memphis. One of my final goals that I recently reached was to finish the semester.

In conclusion, my writing process can be a very serious but sometimes a distracted time. I think this was such a good paper to write after recording myself I learned so much about what I do while I write. I will definitely learn to do better and not be as distracted. The process that it takes to write is totally different for everyone, but the video of mine showed so much about how I wrote my papers. I’ll have to do it again for another paper maybe next semester.

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