My Self-Esteem Test Results

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In the Keirsey Temperament Test, my personality type was called “Guardian.” Guardians are known to have lifelong loyal mates and friends, very dependable, disciplined, and meticulous. They are not good at “going with the flow,” but thrives in structured schedules and daily routines. I honestly felt like I was reading about my own personal descriptions. Explanations of Guardian personality suited me perfectly.

My score for the Self-Esteem Test was 100 out of 100 points. Scoring high on Self-Esteem test means one knows how to interpret other people’s perspectives very well. One also realizes that empathy is the vital key to have a good interpersonal skill. Personally, I agree with the scores, because I genuinely believe that empathy is the essence of life. Trying to view this world through other people’s perspectives help me to understand them better and communicate in eye-to-eye level.

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For Assertiveness Test, my score was 92 out of 100. High scores on Assertiveness Test means that one has an ability to freely speak for oneself. The person does not hesitate in addressing issues to others even if he/she has to disagree with the other people. I strongly agree with these statements. When I am treated poorly at restaurants or other places, I do not hesitate to let the owner or manager know. I find myself expressing my opinions freely rather than hiding.

For the Leadership Aptitude quiz my score was 15 out of 30 meaning that my leadership potential is high. Two of my close friends took the quiz and their scores were 17/30 and 18/30. Scoring high on leadership aptitude quiz means that one is very accountable and has a deep interest in others. The person takes mistakes as stepping stones to grow stronger and actively work with others to improve oneself. For me, I do have trouble accepting my mistakes at first, but I usually learn to grow from it. My friends and coworkers often describe me as an accountable person and my leadership skills are high.

Now in my life I am currently studying to finish my undergraduate. I am looking forward to graduating with Child Development degree next year and will be working as a preschool teacher. I expect to work as a preschool teacher for a year and move on to master’s in an occupational therapy. My mission: Fall in love with the Lord daily; Walk with Christ; Find gratitude in every circumstance; Love others as I love myself.

My strengths would be my compassionate heart and high leadership potential. I feel most confident when I am working on something that I am passionate about such as children. I am able to see connections between my strengths and areas of confidence because with my compassionate heart and high leadership, I can help children who are in need.

My main weakness would be impatient heart and inconsistency. I feel least confident when I feel like I am lost in direction. I am able to see connections between my weaknesses and areas of confidence because when I feel like I am lost in direction, I get impatient and become inconsistent with my goals. I can strengthen my area of weaknesses by setting a short-term and a small goal. Developing one’s self-regard is important because it is crucial to understand and accept both my strengths and weaknesses to live a healthy and balanced life.

After completing this assignment, I have discovered that I tend to avoid acknowledging my weaknesses. It was a bit tough to really be honest with myself and admitted that I am impatient and inconsistent. I have realized that I need to have a “never give up” attitude in life by finding hope to live every day with joyful smile.

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