Self-Esteem or Lack of It

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Wither to obtain or not obtain self-worth is a grave choice in an adolescent’s fife, because not possessing self-worth causes teens to surrender to addictions, peer pressure, and perfectionism. To begin, when a teen lacks the ability to see themselves as decent human beings, the probability Of being hooked on a type Of drug alcohol, activity, etc. Is extremely high. For instance, an adolescent can live with the state of mind that they are undeserving of his/her friend’s attention.

That adolescent, to be able to gain even a tiny amount of consideration from his/her friends, may assume experimenting in drugs, alcohol, or any type of harmful task. This example highlights the evident fact that teens, to feel qualified by their peers, are subjected to perilous substances or actions. When the teens know that the usage of chemicals gains them attention and approval from friends, they will them far more frequently, which leads to an obsession over this catastrophic habits.

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Due to this habits, they already indicate an adolescents submission to peer pressure. Put another way, a ten’s imperceptible amount of self-worth may lead to peer pressure. Imagine a teenage girl who is deprived of self-confident and integrity. She befriends schoolmates who are well-like by many and she begins to acknowledge that she is a counterpart of her “friends” clique. Without self-esteem or much dignity, the teenage girl steals when compelled to by her maleficent “friends”.

As a result, the teenage girl feels resentment though wards herself, both believes her emotions though wards what she committed are of insufficient consequences because she momentarily has “friends”. In this situation, a ten’s shortage of self-esteem paves the road to negative friends and, eventually, negative peer pressure gives guidance to refection’s. With this in mind, perfectionism is the desire to be perfect, which is one of the most baneful effects of low self-worth.

For example, when teens have low-self-esteem they commence a belief that if they achieve the preposterous objective of being flawless then they will feel exuberance. A teen may crave perfection and use social media as a reference to what perfect is. This teen may go through various types of body images or even disorders, such a anorexia or bulimia, different attires that may be improper or exhibit more Han what is necessary, and even undergoing surgery to change facial and physique features.

Under those circumstances, perfectionism is a eradicate outcome of low self-worth. To this degree, longing for the “need” to be an impeccable human being is an unrealistic and unobtainable ambition. In fact, perfection is an abstract idea that cannot be symbolized by one person. The awareness of this, to some extent, may even cause suicidal complications in a hardcore perfectionist. In personal opinion, this is the most innocuous outcome of low self-esteem. All in all, teens ought to comprehend the impact that having self-worth has on an adolescent’s future life.

Not having the ability to gain, at any point in the teen period of life, self-worth cause a grave chain of consequences. Overall, this choice may steer teens toward excesses drug use, health disorders, prison, and in radical causes, death. These consequences play a major factor in the result of wither teens have a joyous adulthood and approaching future. Teens should make having self-worth a priority because of the impact it has on the teenagers in the future and at the moment.

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