My Summer On-The-Job Training

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OJT is a three letter acronym for “On-the-Job Training”, training provided to inexperienced employees during the initial stages of employment. This is usually delivered by a professional trainer or an experienced employee, and typically consists of hands-on training. After the second semester last 2013 we are required to perform our “On-The-Job Training” to our selected company. We choose to render our OJT in the Sunwest Construction & Development Corporation. The Company started as Sunwest Construction and Supply in 1992.

It was just a mere affiliate of HI-TONE Construction and based in the Bicol Region. Starting with meager resources and equipment, the company commenced its business in supplying construction materials and undertaking small government construction projects during its initial year of existence, the Company embarked on an aggressive works. As part of its “technology and technical transfer” strategy, the Company entered into several joint – venture projects with other established construction firms in the region, including with its mother company, Hi-Tone Construction. We officially started our training on the 18th day of April 2013 and ended last June 08, 2013. We were assigned at the EMD Plant and Quarries Magna Craft Industrial Park. We met Mr. Albert Joan Bien the Assistant Supervisor of EMD Plants and Quarries who was assigned to supervise us on our On-The-Job Training. We were introduced to some of the employee and especially to the Plant Supervisor Mr. Noli. We were assigned to do our work in their office where we always with all the employees.

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The office is a two storey building. Well ventilated and harm free. The EMD is famously called “Planta”, because outside the office are the machine plants used to produce asphalt. You can see clearly at the second floor the crasher, conveyors and the main plant were asphalt was finally produced. You can also see the rare materials and finished products of the crasher and conveyors that were used to produce asphalts. That is used in road projects. There were also heavy equipments and the operators.

On the first day of our On the job training Mr. Albert Joan Bien who serves as our mentor introduces us about the policies and regulations that the company implemented. We had a site visit on the plant. On the second day we sketch the Electrical Diagram of SCP 02. The third day we measure the actual size of the conveyor of SCP 01 and the rest of the days we consumed in making the orthographic drawing which include dimensioning. After that we started to made our work in AutoCAD. During our training we learned a lot to our mentors or supervisor. We learned much especially in Auto CAD application. In this application in hands-on we learned the basic and different commands that we don’t know before. We learned the following commands “boundary, snap style, multi-view, zoom and extended line” and also how to set up the paper. We also learned also how to create a three dimensional objects in Auto CAD 2009, and we found out that it the same in Auto Cad 2013, but its more easier in Auto CAD 2013. Architect Tadashi taught us also the basic commands of Revit 2013 application. We learned how to make an estimated of materials that used in specific projects work. The very important thing that we learned in the training is the attitude, good behavior and being a professional in every task that we’ve done. We must have a good relation to other worker or employee and avoid discrimination to degrade others, always treat them us you treated your boss. We are thankful to the CGCFI family because without them we cannot experience and render our training that will be useful to our future career. Thank you for supporting us in our career! God bless us.

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