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My Travel Experience

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It was June 02, 2010 our departure from the Philippines to Macau to have an eleven-day vacation with my family. I’m excited for this is my first out of the country trip. It took two hours for us to travel before we finally arrived at Macau. ‘Pang Yao’ was the first Cantonese word I learned in this country meaning ‘friend’. My mom told me to use it in acknowledging anybody who is a Macau National. In our first day, we visited luxury hotels and resorts.

Macau Hotels, Resorts and Casinos are just so amazing and this is one of the reasons why many tourists love to visit it.

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My Travel Experience
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Some of the hotels we visited are MGM Grand Macau Hotel, Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Grand Emperor Macau Hotel, and the City of Dreams. The MGM Grand Macau Hotel is a unique structure located on a prime waterfront site in Macau’s central Nam Van gaming district. It is placed in the neighbourhood of the planned Wynn Macau and the Lisboa Hotel and Casino, an area likely to become the first casino “strip” of Macau.

It is one of the reasons why Macau is said to be the Las Vegas of the Orient. Next stop is the Wynn Macau.

It is set to redefine the hotel and entertainment scene in Asia with the same excitement and flair that has made Las Vegas a top holiday destination. It is here I first saw a dancing fountain and it really caught my attention that time. I got amazed and shocked how are those fountains are installed that they can go and dance with the music. Grand Lisboa Hotel is also great. It is also one of the reasons why casinos are so popular in Macau. At night, it features a light show as it turns into a colourful sphere.

Another hotel is located in the city center only 10 minutes from the Ferry Pier by complimentary shuttle and 15 minutes away from the International Airport, the Grand Emperor Hotel. The latter was said that the owner is Jackie Chan. Last hotel is the City of Dreams. The City of Dreams will be just as its name says a place of dreams. Near this hotel are other hotels like the Hard Rock Hotel and the Venetian Hotel. Macau has only one sea, the Black Sea. Why it is being called as the Black Sea? For its water color is also black. But it doesn’t mean it is dirty, it is, its natural color. We also visited the Fisherman’s Wharf over viewing he Ferry Pier. Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau looks like more of a complex than a hotel from the outside. The collection of buildings that make up Fisherman’s Wharf are meant to represent various places around the world and are filled with restaurants, bars, shops, the Macau theme park and resort Cotai and of course a casino. Macau has a mixture of Portuguese and Chinese culture and it can be seen with its hotels, resorts, restaurants and markets. Macau’s famous markets are the Red Market and San Ma Lo. At San Ma Lo, you can see here old Chinese shops. It is a place where famous stalls of street foods can be seen.

Macau restaurants are one of the attractions in Macau. You must taste Macau’s Caldo Verde, Pork Chop Bun, and Pure Cantonese Foods. You can also shop Chinese Dresses and Korean Dresses which Macau Nationals use every day. Saint Paul and Camoes Garden is located also in San Ma Lo. My mom told me that you must visit it if it is your first time in Macau. Because it is believed that it gives good luck. So now with all the tourist spots and its unique culture, where do you want to spend your family’s vacation? Choose Macau! As Macau’s tourism slogan says: “Macau: a World of Difference, the Difference is Macau”. Experience Macau!

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