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On June 02, 2010, my family and I embarked on an eleven-day vacation in Macau following our departure from the Philippines. This was a momentous occasion for me as it marked my inaugural experience of venturing beyond the borders of my homeland. After a two-hour journey, we finally reached Macau where I swiftly acquired my initial Cantonese vocabulary: ‘Pang Yao,’ translating to ‘friend.’ My mother instructed me to employ this phrase when engaging with the locals. Our first day consisted of exploring the opulent hotels and resorts that have garnered global acclaim for Macau. These remarkable establishments serve as primary attractions enticing tourists to this captivating destination.

During our trip, we stayed in multiple hotels in Macau such as the MGM Grand Macau Hotel, Wynn Macau, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Grand Emperor Macau Hotel, and the City of Dreams. The standout among these options was the MGM Grand Macau Hotel due to its unique location in Macau’s central Nam Van gaming district. It is conveniently situated near the planned Wynn Macau and the Lisboa Hotel and Casino, contributing to a potential casino “strip” in Macau. This similarity to Las Vegas is why Macau is often called the Las Vegas of the Orient. Following our stay at the MGM Grand Macau Hotel, we proceeded to our next destination: Wynn Macau.

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The Grand Lisboa Hotel, just like Las Vegas, is poised to revolutionize the hotel and entertainment industry in Asia. Among its impressive attractions is a mesmerizing dancing fountain that immediately captured my interest. I was astonished and captivated by the graceful swaying of the fountains as they synchronized with the music. The hotel’s magnificence, along with other elements, plays a role in the widespread popularity of casinos in Macau. Furthermore, at nightfall, the hotel undergoes a remarkable transformation into a captivating colorful sphere, offering an awe-inspiring light show.

The Grand Emperor Hotel, situated in the city center, is conveniently located within 10 minutes of the Ferry Pier through a complimentary shuttle and just 15 minutes away from the International Airport. Nearby accommodations include the Hard Rock Hotel and the Venetian Hotel. There are rumors circulating that Jackie Chan is the proprietor of the Grand Emperor Hotel. The City of Dreams, another nearby hotel, truly lives up to its name as a place where dreams come true. Adjacent to this hotel is Fisherman’s Wharf which appears more like a complex than just a hotel from its exterior appearance. Fisherman’s Wharf comprises several buildings representing different destinations from around the world and offers an array of amenities such as restaurants, bars, shops, Macau theme park and resort Cotai, as well as a casino. Macau is renowned for blending Portuguese and Chinese cultures which can be seen in its hotels, resorts, restaurants, and markets. Notably famous markets in Macau consist of Red Market and San Ma Lo which showcases traditional Chinese shops and is particularly popular for its street food stalls.

Macau restaurants are one of the attractions in Macau. You must try Macau’s Caldo Verde, Pork Chop Bun, and Pure Cantonese Foods. You can also shop for Chinese Dresses and Korean Dresses that Macau Nationals wear daily. Saint Paul and Camoes Garden are also located in San Ma Lo. My mom told me that you must visit it if it is your first time in Macau because it is believed to bring good luck. So now, with all the tourist spots and its unique culture, where do you want to spend your family’s vacation? Choose Macau! As Macau’s tourism slogan says: “Macau: a World of Difference, the Difference is Macau”. Experience Macau!

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