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Narrative writing assignment 5th grade

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    The most successful companies are those that are operated by leaders who invest in and grow their employees. Bruce, A. , & Petition, J. S. (1999). Motivating Employees. New York: McGraw-Hill. “Motivating Employees” is a book about how employee motivation is driven by companies that invest and grow their employees. One of the most important traits of highly effective and successful companies is that employees are happy and have fun at work.

    Leadership is not assaulting your employees, but to lead your employees you need to motivate by using caring, inspiring, empowering, teaching, growing, investing and your employees will follow and want to contribute. Assaulting as in forcing, criticizing, and bossing your employees around will not only wear them down and unmotivated them but it will exhaust the boss as well. This book is a great resource for my paper because it supports that leaders grow their employees and make them happy.

    It lists the key traits to successful companies are employee happiness and what tactics hose successful companies do to offer employee happiness. Having happy employees means they are productive, motivated, and care about their job. Employee happiness helps grow the success of these companies because it takes a team to get the work done and make a company successful. This is a reliable source because it is from Kaplan Library and the authors are very creditable within the business and educational world. This eBook is an Academic creditable source.

    Caravan, L. , Lingered, M. , & Peacekeeper, J. (2009). We Don’t Need Another Hero: Towards The Study of Leadership as Everyday Practices. This academic paper that is only available through academic sources on the web. It covers the key traits of leaders and why they are so inspirational to not only employees but to society as well. Leaders are evolving from the “boss” role into a modern socialized team leadership role. Leaders are not trained they are typically born leaders that can inspire and motivate people.

    Leadership is not one person, but rather the combined efforts of the team coming into harmony. By testing strategies of traditional leadership and adding some more modern open strategies we came see where new aged leadership is growing people and reading more productive and happy employees, and people. This Internet based only academic paper covers the traits of leaders and what they bring not only to a company, but also to society. This academic source is very useful for my paper because it has several key points in what makes a leader and how they motivate and grow people.

    It contains many good references and static that validate and help support my thesis. This is a reliable source that was obtained from Kaplan University Library and the Academic paper is well researched with confirmed references that make it a reliable source for my paper. G. Justas. (2014, December 9, 2014). Personal Communication Interview. Gary Justas was a partner at Lothrop & Gage in Kansas City and has since opened his own practice, The Justas Law Firm LLC.

    Through his own personal experience Gary has learned what motivates employees and how to get the most out of them. He has found that by giving them freedom to work as they want and where they want to work from and making them accountable for their work deadlines that employees work quality and happiness are greatly improved. This person interview with Gary Justas is a tested example of the success modern, new aged employee flexibility and leadership with employee’s as team members. Gary explains why he thinks that his concept works for him and his practice.

    It’s not for every company, and not every company can be as flexible as The Justas Law Firm LLC, but they can incorporate the same concept and adjust it to their company and employee requirements. In this day and age with all the technology, the need to be in the office 5 days a week 8-10 hours a day is not necessary for most employees, and it’s actually costing employers more to micromanage their employees, more than just money. This personal interview with Gary Justas is a liable source of evidence, which has been tested and proved to be successful for Gary, his employees and his practice is thriving.

    Agar’s interview is proof that investing in your employee’s and trusting them has not only cut is expenses in needing a huge office, but his employees are happier, creative, inspiring and a valuable part of his team and his practice’s success. Gary Justas is an attorney with over 20 years experience and founder of The Justas Law Firm LLC. Gary practiced with the law firm of Lothrop & Gage for 17 years. Gary became a partner at Lothrop & Gage in 1998. From 2008-11, Gary practiced with the away firm of Wastage & Cartel.

    In 2012, Gary opened The Justas Law Firm LLC and has experience as and employee, and as a partner and leader at Lothrop & Gage, and now to the President and leader of The Justas Law Firm LLC. Gary Justas is a creditable source because of his experience on all levels of business and is a highly respectable layover in the United States of America, specializing in Environmental Superfine experience includes work at several multi-party Superfine sites and the recovery of millions of dollars for our clients through negotiation and litigation with federal and state environmental agencies, tangentially responsible parties, and insurance companies.

    P. Dixon. (2014, April 4) Create Passion at Work in 3 Minutes! Secrets of Team Motivation and Leadership. Retrieved from HTTPS://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=Spotlighted Dry. Patrick Dixon is ranked one of the most top 20 influential business speakers, thinkers, and an Author of 15 books on global trends and Chairman of Global Change LTD. This is a clip found on Youth. Dry. Patrick Dixon was at a conference speaking to leading law firms on how to retain and understand employees. He has learned through experience that caring about your employee’s passions, what motives them will help employers get the most out of their employees.

    He also talks about how building relationship and trust is key within the workforce and their “Teams”. His lectures are truly inspiring and moving. This inspirational and well-respected influential speaker is a very good source for my paper because he validates and offers evidence to support my thesis. He is well respected and is very creditable experience in business leadership and what motivates employees. Dry. Patrick Dixon is recognized as one of the top 20 most influential business thinkers internationally. He has written 15 plus books and is sought out as a leader speaker for business conference all over the world.

    He is a very important addition to further proving my thesis. Patrick Dixon is a very reliable source because he is known and well respected as one of the top 20 influential business thinkers globally. He is well recognized by academic sources and his books are located in Kaplan University Library. Wang, J. (2013). The Best Motivators In Business. (cover story). Entrepreneur, 41(10), 36-47. This article is interviews from eight successful companies and what their secrets are with their employees, clients and themselves.

    This inspiring article interview these eight company leaders that all mention team work, listening, allowing creativity, These leaders find ways to motivate, keep it fun, challenging so that people don’t get bored, it is important to keep the energy flowing. It is important to keep work flexible, allow creativity, empowering employees and employee accountability. Every successful company is built by having strong leaders that motivate and grow their teams. Companies are successful because they invest and grow their employees. Successful companies know the key is o keep employees happy, engaged, creativity, and motivated. He Best Motivators In Business” is a very good source for my paper because it is an interview of eight successful leaders and they sharing their secrets to motivating their employees, customers and themselves. This article offers very sold evidence, from eight successful companies and their leaders, which supports my thesis. This source is reliable and was retrieved from Kaplan Library. It is from Business Sources, and a reputable business reference magazine. The people interviewed are highly respectable and experienced businessmen and businesswomen.

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