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Patriotism and nationalism both show the relationship of an single towards his or her state. The two are frequently baffled and often believed to intend the same thing. However. there is a huge difference between patriotism and nationalism. Patriotism means to give more importance to integrity by manner of a cultural background. including linguistic communication and heritage. Patriotism pertains to the love for a state. with more accent on values and beliefs. When speaking about patriotism and nationalism. one can non avoid the celebrated citation by George Orwell. who said that patriotism is ‘the worst enemy of peace’ . Harmonizing to him. patriotism is a feeling that one’s state is superior to another in all respects. while nationalism is simply a feeling of esteem for a manner of life.

These constructs show that nationalism is inactive by nature and patriotism can be a small aggressive. Patriotism is based on fondness and patriotism is rooted in competition and bitterness. One can state that patriotism is hawkish by nature and nationalism is based on peace. Most nationalists assume that their state is better than any other. whereas nationalists believe that their state is one of the best and can be improved in many ways. Patriots tend to believe in friendly dealingss with other states while some patriots don’t. In nationalism. people all over the universe are considered equal but patriotism implies that merely the people belonging to one’s ain state should be considered one’s equal.

A loyal individual tends to digest unfavorable judgment and attempts to larn something new from it. but a patriot can non digest any unfavorable judgment and considers it an abuse. Nationalism makes one to believe merely of one’s country’s virtuousnesss and non its lacks. Patriotism can besides do one contemptuous of the virtuousnesss of other states. Patriotism. on the other manus. pertains to value duties instead than merely valuing trueness towards one’s ain state. Nationalism makes one attempt to happen justification for errors made in the yesteryear. while nationalism enables people to understand both the defects and betterments made. Drumhead:

Patriot: Expresses the emotion of love towards his state in a inactive manner Patriot: Strives for independency and the involvements and domination of a state and expresses his love or concern for the state in an active political manner.

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