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Negative and Positive Labels

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    The negative and positive labels in the film of “class divided” had great effects on the individual’s future achievement. These labels were truly translated to be self fulfilling prophecies to the people. In this film, it is demonstrated that certain children were labeled on their collars attires. The film had children labeled on collars as inferiority. This made the children to become inferior in their work. They were portrayed as being lazy. In addition to being sluggish individuals, they are children with little understanding of things. This makes the children to perform unsatisfactorily in their academic studies.

    The negative labels on the group children of blue eyed children became a self-fulfilling activity by considering themselves inferior in accordance to the label. It therefore became very difficult for the children to understand whatever they were being taught. This was well demonstrated by the children with there teacher whereby on the first day of a certain activity took them as little as three minutes. Despite the fact that this was there first, they spend minimum time due to the better confidence they had.

    However, the criticism from their teacher on this first day had some effect and the next day when they had a repetition of the same work, the time spend was even more as compared to first time. The nervous feelings coupled with the mental thinking are believed to have contributed to a major extent of this outcome. The mind set that their labels were indication of inferiority together with the criticism from the tutor contributed to the low performance by making them to think on similar line of their incompetence in regard to achieving better and outstanding results.

    The film also shows that highly performing student emerged from the set of children being labeled as superior. This means that the positive labels which were attached to these children transformed them into leaving realistic in their lives. The first attempts to handling of the case study that had been done previously by the negative labeled children took them the least time with little assistance from their teacher. They also faired pretty well in academic performance. Children performance and type of labels indication had some correlation. While the negative labeling had a weakening feature to the activities that were undertaken by the children bearing those negative labels, the positive labels had on the other hand had an encouraging impacts to those children whom had the positive labels.

    In really live situation whereby actual   discrimination is practiced, I am made to think of similar results comparable to those of negative and positive labels would occur. However, the real live situations vary with the extremes under which it is exercised. For instance physical discrimination involving slavery and beating together with other tyrannical practices may worsen the situation of the victim discriminated. On the other side, the favored group is either idle imposing inflictions on their victims but they are not themselves prospering through their own efforts.

    The better performance of the favored group is thus attained by utilizing capitalism operations where the favored person takes the advantage over the unprivileged person. In the actual discriminations, certain discriminations of are comparable nature to those of negative and positive labeling situation, and these sort of discriminations are depended on individual’s psychology, believes and determinations. Many discriminated people have attained greater achievements in racist communities. Generally, the analysis of actual discrimination is much sophisticated due to different degrees of its application. Due to the many variables involved, different results are retrieved from different extremes of discriminations, hence, the comparison of negative and positive labeling with the actual discriminations would also depend on certain factors.

     According to the women statement, I have the opinion that they were all correct in their statements. I support that the statement of the white woman was true that all people face some kind of discrimination. This is because discrimination is expressed in many ways which various from race, ethnicity, sex gender, socials class and others type of discriminations based on organizations and institutions of various kinds like the job market. However, the second respondents who challenged the first woman had the idea that the extent to which discriminations is felt by the minority groups is quite different from that extent felt by the white people. She wants to demonstrate that the minority groups are always discriminated in all their lives while the whites are hardly discriminated frequently. (End of my work)

    Respond to first person statement

    The work of this person is moderately focused on the film. He had some great material concerning the negative and positives labels. He could give some exemplary items that show how negative and positive labels act as fulfilling prophecies on one’s life. However, he was shallow on exposing much on actual discriminations in connection to negative and positive labels.

    Respond to second person statement

    I think the work done by this person is quite out of track. There is irrelevancy in the explanation on how negative and positive labels act as fulfilling prophecies. The content given reveals what the people learnt without description of the transformation of the negative and positive labels as either leading to self-fulfilling prophecies or not. The work seems much shallow.

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