Nike Mission Statement Essay

“To lead in corporate citizenship through proactive programs that reflect caring for the world family of Nike, our teammates, our consumers, and those who provide services to Nike” The Nike mission statement in extremely particular in the way that it is worded - Nike Mission Statement Essay introduction. The statement is relatively short and doesn’t attempt to complecate the the mission statement in any way. The statement clearly is intended to be as socialy responsible as possible. The use of the words “to lead in corporate citizenship clearly depict this.

Corporate citizenship by definition means a companys role in or responsibilities towards society. By using this in the start of the mission statement Nike have clearly set up the tone of the mission statement to be of a caring nature and this caring theme can be found throughout the statement eg “caring for the world family of Nike” This quote is again very well worded as it incorperates everyone who is in any way associated with Nike this is a key role of any mission statement and Nike have clerly succeeded in doing this.

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Critiqing the statement by using Ackoff 1986 as a base can be both negative and positive in relation to this particular statement. Negatively the statement does not define the business that Nike is, although the statement has the words “our teammates” this is a very loose hint at the idea of involment in sports. Positively the mission statement does cantain an objective which Ackoff suggests is key to a good mission statement, the entire statement is an objective and the wording of the statement is very clear in pointing towards this starting with the words “To lead”.

Ackoff suggests that a good mission statement should contain a formulation of objectives but negatively for the Nike statement theres just the one objective. Ackoff suggests that a mission statement should deferenciate the company from its competitors. Nike have attempted to differentiate themselves by having a socialy responsible statement that incorperates all of its shareholders. Nike haven’t overwhelmingly succeded in differenciating them selves from competitos but have included all stakeholders in this statement whick Ackoff also believes to be key to a succesful mission statement.

Finally Ackoff suggests that a mission statement should be exciting and inspiring, but this is up to how an idividual interperates the statement and this varys from one person to the next. Jelassi and Enders stated in 2008 that a mission statement should include a business scope, Nike have cleary showed they beleive themselves to be a global company by stateing “the world family of Nike”.

Unique competancies in Nikes mission statement aren’t very clear however it could be argued that by being a extremly socialy responsable statement that this is a unique competency that will alow Nike differenciate. Jelassi and Enders also highlight values as a crucial part of a mission statement this statement from Nike is full of values for example “caring for the world family of Nike” this shows clearly the value that Nike puts on its stakeholders and suceeds in bringing an emotional element to the mission statement which Jelassi and Enders also refer to.

It is essential that the mission statement is more than a plague in a foyer; employees have to make the words mean something through their actions. Do Nike do this, do Nike care for all their stakeholders like the missin statement suggests. The fact exists that Nike contiues to use child labour in third world countries. Is this in line with the Nike misson statement?

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