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It also has the distinction of achieving prestigious certificate like ISO 9001 :2000, and being the largest exporter of processed agro products with compliance of HALL & HACK to more than 70 countries from Bangladesh. PARA is the pioneer in Bangladesh to be involved in contract farming and procures raw material directly from the farmers and processes though state of the art machinery at our several factories into hygienically packed food and drinks products. The brand “PARA” has established itself in every category of food and beverage industry and can boost a product range from juices,

Carbonated Drinks, Confectionery, Snacks and spices to even Dairy products. Today, the consumers are not only value “PARA” for its authentic refreshing juices drinks products, but also for its mouth watering quality confectionery products with high visual appeal and exciting texture. REF Stands for Ranging Foundry Limited (it is a water pump and plastic pipe industry). From the time being it has now 17 associated companies and they are beverage property, agro based, tube wells, plastic pipes etc. These associated industries are in- Nature, Ranging, Shortages and Dacha.

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Mission: The mission statement of PARA-REF is: poverty and hunger are curses” mission of PARA-REF group. So their aim is ‘to generate employment and earn dignity and self respect for our competitors” through profitable enterprises. Reason to choose PARA for mission statement: As a consumer of Para I have chosen this organization for mission statement. Para aspires to reach the highest possible level of Customer’s satisfaction through an uncompromising commitment to safety, reliability, and efficiency.

PARA-REF has a very powerful management team to guide a strong gigantic workforce. Despite its huge size PARA-REF has been able to maintain labor radioactivity and increasing sales. Its labor productivity is twice as much as any other local company in the market. PARA-REF has a great competitive advantage over the other competitors. As mentioned earlier it is the largest fruit and vegetable processing industry in Bangladesh and holds the biggest share in markets in Bangladesh among the local companies. PARA has the largest sales in fruit drinks after Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Conclusion: As being a very successful organization and there flawless management system has enabled PARA-REF group to enjoy economies of scale through their profit examination but as being a part of the culture of Bangladesh through their share of quality products they should also emphasize more on products that are within in the purchasing power of the general people of Bangladesh and ensure that products should be of quality that equal in aspects to compete with the international standards. We all know that, today’s fast moving world respect the new, innovative ideas.

To keep the same pace with this situation PARA-REF had decided to launch new and more innovative product and also planning to export the product in foreign market. As the product is innovative, the consumers are ongoing day by day. Mission Statement of Unlived Milliner Bangladesh (BULB) is the leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company in Bangladesh with a heritage of 50 years and products that are present in 98% of Bangladesh households. LLC started its journey in Bangladesh with the production of soaps in its factory in Gallagher, Chitchatting.

Over the years the company introduced many affordable brands which won the hearts of consumers across the country. Today, our brands are present in almost every household in the country. BULB is the market leader in 7 of the 8 categories it operates in, with 20 brands spanning across Home Care, Personal Care and Foods. Its operations provide employment to over 10,000 people directly and indirectly through its dedicated suppliers, distributors and service providers. 99. 8% of BULB employees are locals with a large number of local BULB employees now working abroad in other Milliner companies as expatriates.

The mission statement of Unlived is: In the last five years, we have built our business by focusing on our brands, streamlining how we work, and improving our insight into the evolving needs and tastes of consumers. Now we are taking the next step in simplification by aligning ourselves around a clear common mission. We recognize that the world in which we operate is changing. Consumers are increasingly bringing their views as citizens into their buying decisions, demanding more from the companies behind the brands.

They want companies and brands they trust. Milliner embraces these new expectations. Our heritage of good governance, product quality and long experience of working with communities gives us a strong base. We aim to build on this by taking the next step in transparency and accountability. We will stand visibly as Milliner, behind our products and everything we do, everywhere. Every day 150 million people in over 150 countries choose our products. Already, most of our brands give the benefits of feeling good, looking good and getting more out of life.

Bernoulli, for example, conjures up the Italian zest for life and Bezel/Flora keeps hearts healthy. Sunlit helps you feel happier because your hair looks great. Our laundry brand, Mom, encourages children to get dirty so they can experience more of life. In the future, our brands will do even more to add vitality to life. Our vitality mission will focus our brands n meeting consumer needs arising from the biggest issues around the world today – ageing populations, arbitration, changing diets and lifestyles.

We see growing consumer need for: a healthy lifestyle more variety, quality, taste and enjoyment time, as an increasingly precious commodity helping people to feel good, look good and get more out of life will enable us to meet these needs and expand our business. Milliner is in a unique position to understand the interrelationships between nutrition, hygiene and personal care. We can do this thanks to our strong science capability and our locally rooted consumer insight. It is by bringing all this together that we can strive to contribute to quality of life and wellbeing – adding vitality to life.

The long- term success of our business is intimately interconnected with the vitality of the environment and the communities in which we operate. The environment provides us with our raw materials and the ingredients we need to make our products. Healthy, prosperous communities provide us with a healthy, growing consumer base. Reason to choose Unlived for mission statement: Whether through better hygiene, relief from daily chores or a refreshing cup of tea, Unlived have raised the quality of life. Through innovations and our relentless pursuit of efficiencies Unlived constantly seek to add value to our consumers.

Unlived focus and initiatives on quality and consumer safety. The diversity of Unlived brand portfolio poses a unique challenge to understand consumers with varied background, education, income and lifestyle. Unlived extensively use market research to understand consumer trends and complement that with insights from direct consumer contacts . Harnessing consumer insight is the beginning of an intensive process of developing brands and products that fulfill the unique needs of consumers. Leveraging global network and combining it with local consumer insight Milliner introduces relevant innovative products.

This has led to the development of products. In the asses, William Hester Lever, founder of Lever Bras, wrote down his ideas for Sunlight Soap – his revolutionary new product that helped popularize cleanliness and hygiene in Victorian England. It was ‘to make cleanliness commonplace; to lessen work for women; to foster health and contribute to personal attractiveness, that life may be more enjoyable and rewarding for the people who use our products’. This was long before the phrase Corporate Mission’ had been invented, but these ideas have stayed at the heart of our business.

Even if their language – and the notion of only women doing housework – has become outdated. In a history that now crosses three centuries, Milliner’s success has been influenced by the major events of the day – economic boom, depression, world wars, changing consumer lifestyles and advances in technology. And throughout we’ve created products that help people get more out of life – cutting the time spent on household chores, improving nutrition, enabling people to enjoy food and take care of their homes, their clothes and themselves.

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