No Coward Soul Is Mine-Emily Bronte Analysis

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The poems No Coward Soul Is Mine by Emily Bronte and The Pulley by George Herbert explore the theme of faith. Bronte expresses her unwavering faith in God’s promises and eternal life, while Herbert suggests that God withholds the gift of rest from man to prevent spiritual deterioration. Both poems emphasize the importance of faith in overcoming fear and doubt and finding peace in God’s love. Overall, faith is portrayed as a source of strength, courage, and salvation for humanity.

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Faith is the automobile that guides us blindly through an adventurous journey down an abundance of obstacles through out every human life. It is faith that brings into eternal life. The human race is healed and forgiven by faith.

Gods word, faith, is our main source of strength, courage, and complete satisfaction over the worlds sins and the devil. It is imperative to understand that its faith that builds us to overcome any level of fear or doubt.No Coward Soul Is mine by Emily Bronte wrote this poem to relate a persevering faith and strong spiritual/religious morals to the reader. In this poem, Emily states a true love for Him.

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She makes it clear that Gods faith and promises wont leave anyone in fear in their final hour. Faith and courage are displayed throughout this poem.Within the first stanza, Bronte explains apart of her faith she feels with god and how she shows no sign of coward ness. Also, her beliefs in Gods faith will her save her from her fears.

No coward soul is mine,No trembler in the worlds storm-troubled sphere:I see Heavens glories shine,And faith shines equal, arming me from fear (Bronte 1-5).Another example of faith is being described in the last stanza of the poem from line 25-29. Bronte explains that there is no room for death in the yes of Him. Regardless of atoms that could possibly fade away, the Lord cannot and He is here and cannot be destroyed.

There is not room for Death,Nor atom that his might could render void:Thou-THOU art Being and Breath,And what THOU art may never be destroyed (25-29 Bronte).In the poem The Pulley by George Herbert, the main idea was when the Lord created man, he nourished man with all his blessings, including strength, beauty, wisdom, honor and pleasure. At the end of the poem, God makes it clear that he has withheld the gift of rest from man. His other blessings would inevitably result in mans spiritual deterioration.

Since man would believe he has everything within his grasp (materialistic needs), he would eventually turn to the Lord in exhaustion.An example of faith in The Pulley is exemplified in the last two stanzas of the poem. The concept of these two stanzas describes that if the Lord were to give the gift of rest to man, he would forget to adore Him. Also, he explains that man may be materialized in gifts, but when man becomes weary he can rely on Him and use faith that he will be reunited with him and his breast.

For if I should,Bestow this jewel also on my creature,He would adore my gifts instead of me,And rest in Nature, not the God of Nature;So both should losers be.Yet let him keep the rest,But keep them with repining restlessness.Let him be rich and weary, that at least,If goodness lead him not, yet wearinessMay toss him to my breast (10-20 Herbert).As a conclusion, both poems describe characteristics of faith.

It is faith that brings us eternal life and can invite us to rest in peace. The human race is healed and forgiven by faith. Gods word, faith, is our main source of strength, courage, and complete satisfaction over the worlds sins and the devil.

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