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Nuclear Weapons: Pros and Cons

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The topic of nuclear weapons is one that will be around forever. One of my favorite lines from the reading we had was that we cannot uninvent nuclear weapons and this is completely right. If asked outright if I am for or against nuclear weapons I would have to say that I am very much for them and I think they are and absolute necessity for our country. We one of the riches countries in the world but I think that also makes us the biggest target in the world.

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Nuclear Weapons: Pros and Cons
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I think for us to have nuclear weapons is an absolute necessity, I do at the same time believe we should never fire them. If we were to totally rid ourselves of nuclear weapons we might as well put a big sign on the front lawn of the White House saying the country was for sale to the highest bidder or whoever had the biggest bomb. The nuclear weapons we do have ended the cold war, stopped Sadam in Iraq, and probably have stopped many other attacks on our country and our citizens.

People have seen what nuclear weapons can do from the bombings in Japan that ended World War 2. These are powerful images in people’s mind and not something they can deal with if they decide to attack the US.

The case for the removal of nuclear weapons is a very good one. These are indeed in the fullest extent of the words, weapons of mass destruction. These weapons pose many fears as well as morality questions that are all brought up by the anti-nuclear people. The fact that the weapons are not capable of only wiping out military targets is one that really gets to me. Weapons should never be used against civilians and there is nothing to stop a nuclear weapon from affecting only military targets. Another fear of mine related to these weapons has to do with it takes very little effort to do a large amount of damage.

Nuclear weapons are neither an offensive nor a defensive weapon. They are more of a scare tactic. We as a world leader must always be on the cutting edge with our weapons and weapons systems or else, we will no longer be that world leader.


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