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Nursing Matrix

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My view of a windshield survey starts by me viewing my community through the windshield of a moving vehicle, which maybe my car, the bus or the trolley. Windshield surveys are the motorized equivalent of simple observation (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). The visual information that was gathered is aimed at what I see every day as I pass through a community that was once so safe, clean, family oriented and thriving with available resources. This community which was a cheerful place to live now has a dark cloud of depression, but the clouds are slowing starting to lift, with new renovations and people moving back into the city neighborhoods.

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Nursing Matrix
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The outline of Philadelphia has four sections, Eastern Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, North and South Philadelphia. I base my survey on West Philadelphia a community in which I have lived most of my life. As I view my community through the eyes of a nurse, I will focus on various components which will included housing and zoning, open spaces, boundaries, commons, transportation, service centers, stores and street people, sign of decay, race and ethnicity, religion and politics, health and morbidity and the media.

To understand what a community is, it is defined as a group of people, often living in a defined geographical area, which may share a common culture, values and norms, and are arranged in a social structure according to relationships which the community has developed over a period of time (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). Community health is defined as services and resources which are provided by health agencies. Community as client is assessed by nurses in what they view as their own concern.

By observing the community I am identifying problems, social structures and risks factors that are affecting the community, which can be used in the focus of improvements. My windshield survey of West Philadelphia starts by identifying Healthy People 2020 health indicator, which includes a community with a lack of financial resources, which can be used to establish more educational and community-based programs. This covers a wide range of issues within my selected community. A lack of dieting and activities, excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, and chronic disease are major issue within this community.

According to Healthy People 2020, “with the use of educational and community based programs will encourage and enhance health and wellness by educating communities on topics based on their area of needs”. West Philadelphia has a population of approximately 79,489 people (19143 City Zip Code Detailed Profile, 2012). The population consists of 36,299 males and 43,179 females (19143 City Zip Code Detailed Profile, 2012). Housing and Zoning The houses were built in the 1930’s or earlier, many homes are very historical. Many are three or two story row homes and other homes are twin houses, West Philly mostly a residential area.

There are also plenty of commercial areas, which house pizza shop, clothing, mini markets and corner stores. Most are brick houses, with many abandoned or in need of cosmetic repairs. There is also area of reconstruction and revitalization of old homes in working process. Open Space Many open space includes demolished houses, many open spaces include mini parks and vegetable gardens which were once open lots from houses that were torn down. There are five parks within a 5 mile radius, Black Oak Park, Cedar Park, Spruce Hill, many named after trees.

Boundaries The boundaries of the city of Philadelphia, PA, has various areas, one section of Philadelphia is West Philadelphia. West Philly is the nickname includes streets; many include trolley tracks for the trolleys and El train which is short for Elevated train. Schools are located within a 15 mile radius of each other. Separating West Philly from other section of Philadelphia includes the Schuylkill River and small creeks. West Philadelphia also has several neighborhoods, separated by names such as Cobbs Creek, Cedar Park, Spruce Hill, Woodland and more. Commons

During the early evenings people like to sit in the park and watch their children play on the swings, and roll down the hill. There are also indoor and outdoor cafe where people can sit outside during nice weather and eat meals or drink gourmet coffee, or beer. School yards were boys play basketball and children are riding their bikes. Transportation Public transportation known as SEPTA short for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, consist of the trolleys, buses and elevated rail line known as the El. SEPTA is very reliable and very dependable runs all day and night.

The area is also heavy populated with family cars, vans, taxis, buses, and bikes. Service Centers There are plenty of elementary schools within ten blocks from each other, over twenty day care centers located on almost every corner of the block, some even next door to each other, junior high schools, high schools, and two catholic schools. There are three hospitals within 2-4 miles, three recreation center and several parks some larger than others. There is also a Rite Aid pharmacy along with other small family run pharmacies and variety stores located on almost every corner.

Stores and street people There are many stores located on many strips of various neighborhoods within West Philly. They include clothing where can you get jeans, t-shirts and quick outfits, shoe stores such as Payless shoes and Sneaker Villa. There are supermarkets like Fresh Grocer, Sav-a-lot, Pathmark, Shop Rite and health food stores. Bakeries, cleaners, gas stations, beauty supplies and discount stores. There are also hair and nail salons. There are also many fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts and various pizza shops.

There were no street people that I notice at the time of my survey. Sign of decay Many areas are in the process of renovations. There is daily trash pickup; put there is also liter on the streets, graffiti on abandon buildings. A few boarded builds. Race and ethnicity According to Philadelphia’s zip code 19143, the race and ethnicity includes white population: 12,902, Black population 68,709, Asian population: 4,488, Hispanic or Latino population: 3,390 and other races 9,436 which may include Hawaiians, Indians or other non-Americans (19143 City Zip Code Detailed Profile, 2012). Religion and politics

The religions within this area consist of Baptist and Catholics. There are several areas church all located within two to three blocks from one another. Many church also participate in child care services. The politics is predominately democratic with the election fast approaching I see plenty of stickers and signs with Obama. There were also two Obama headquarters that I notice. Health and morbidity I see plenty of people smoking and drinking alcohol. I did not see any drug use or mental illness. The nearest hospitals are very close some within walking distance from where I did my survey.

Media I see cable satellites and old TV antennas on many homes. There are also new paper stand that carry the Daily Newspaper and the Philadelphia Tribune, there is also a newspaper racks that carry The City Paper, and Job net. I did notice many cars that played various radio stations.


19143 City Zip Code Detailed Profile. (2012). Retrieved from http://www. city-data. com/zips/19143. html Stanhope, M. , & Lancaster, J. (2012). Population-centered health care in the community (8th ed. ). St. Louis, MO: Mosby Elsevier.

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