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Health Promotion in the Community

It is a fast-paced life, living in New York City; you can sometimes neglect different aspects of your health and well-being. I took “My Health Survey” on the New York City Department of Health website, which I found interesting. In “My Health Survey,” my results did not reveal any major area of concern except for my Body Mass Index (BMI). The survey gave me recommendations for living a healthier life based on my responses. The survey had six areas which included questions on weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, exercise, and sexual practice.

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The survey results suggested that I should pay attention to my BMI which is under the area of body weight.
When I got my results, I went over the six areas and their recommendations. My blood pressure was good for my health. The recommendation was that I make sure my blood pressure is checked regularly by my health care provider and to keep it below 120/80. I make sure that my blood pressure is checked regularly and try to avoid situations that can make it increase or decrease to an unhealthy level. I control my blood pressure by reducing my intake of sodium, regular exercise and relaxation. My cholesterol level was also good, and to maintain it, I have to have a healthy diet and regular exercise. One time in my life, I was told by a doctor that I should watch my cholesterol level so I took preventive measures to avoid having a high level of cholesterol. I would read the fat content on the labels of the food products before I buy it, and cut down on butters and fast foods. I was congratulated for not smoking. It said that by not smoking, it is the most important thing that I can do for my health. Also I have greatly reduced my chances of getting lung disease, cancer, and heart disease. I am glad that I do not smoke tobacco products to prevent these risks to my health. The results said that if I needed more information on smoking, I could check out the Tobacco.

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