Nursing Personal Statement

In my opinion, the role of a nurse is intensely rewarding, but not without its challenges - Nursing Personal Statement introduction. I believe that a person who is embarking on a career in nursing needs to possess different characteristics have very good interpersonal skills, to be professional, empathetic, adaptable, eager to learn and to improve themselves by learning from their mistakes. I believe I possess all of the above qualities and will endeavour to maintain and improve on them whenever possible. Indiscriminate care is a nurses primary aim, which entails both physical and emotional support.

As well as patient care, providing emotional support to both the patient and their family in times of aunguish is a key factor of nursing. My work and personal experience to date has equipped me with these skills. I have worked in a HIV day centre a hospital on two occasions. This involved sitting in on patient consultations with Consultant and a Charge Nurse. This gave me my profound interest in patient care. My role also included preparation and observation of treatment. I also helped the administration department with filing and patient queries which developed my organisational skills.

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The knowledge I gained about HIV and other infectious diseases sparked my interest in the treatment of previously incurable and untreatable diseases. I live my mother and father who due to cardiac problems and debilitating arthritis was rendered disabled five years ago. I daily assist my father with his health issues by researching and sourcing fruits and vegetables and preparing natural remedies such as health juices that could help improve his condition. I have read widely on the benefits of particular produce in lowering blood pressure.

Interacting with him on a daily basis made me realise that medication and discomfort can make a patient very tempermental. This is the reason that it so important for a nurse to be understanding and empathetic, whilst also maintaining clear professional boundaries. My deep interest in biology often overflows into my other a level subjects. In Information Technology I am currently designing a multimedia guidebook aimed at teenagers in my school detailing basic first aid skills. My I. T teacher has commented specifically on my level of attention to detail throughout my course.

In Spanish I enjoy discussing and debating many issues to do with the healthcare systems from all over the world. I am currently working as shop assistant in an organic shop. This retail chain sells and promotes the consumption of world foods that are free from preservatives and additives and are fairly traded. This job have further prompted my interest in nutrition as a basis for prevention of disease and ill health. I work as a member of highly efficient and helpful team who are on hand to advise customers of the sourcing and nutrition values of all our products. This has given me skills in assisting and guiding the general public.

As well as being academic, I pride myself in being approachable and polite with a cheery and bubbly personality. I believe this is a very important quality suited to a career in nursing as nothing could be more comforting to a patient than a smile and a kind word. In the future, I am looking forward to gaining a career that has real opportunities for career progression that has the potential to provide me with the skills and knowledge to advance into different specialist areas. I look forward to upholding the standards and values that have given nurses in the UK such a fantastic reputation.

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