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Thesis statement goals

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    The goals of a thesis statement are both to set the framework for an essay as well as providing a sense of direction for the reader. A well crafted thesis statement will introduce the topic and the related issue while informing the reader of the direction the essay will take.

    The first problem that can occur is that the essay can take an entirely unintended direction. If the thesis statement is not clear as to the paper’s position, the writer can get sidetracked and write in support of the opposing side of an argument.

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Thesis statement goals
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This is why it is important to make one’s point of view clear. In addition, the support for the thesis might end up unclear and muddled if it is not backed up by a solid thesis statement.

    The next problem that can occur is that the evidence to support the thesis may not be sufficient. For example, if one wished to write an essay in favor of a five day work week, the thesis statement might contain a brief opposition to working six days – “In order to avoid burnout and exhaustion, one should not work more than five days a week.

” However, if the writer leaves out the argument to support the issue, the writer may end up forgetting why the five day work week was a good idea to begin with.

    In conclusion, a strong thesis statement is necessary for a strong conclusion. One wants to leave the reader with the sense that the point of view expressed in the essay is the only correct point of view, and setting the framework in the beginning will lead to a conclusion that cannot be opposed.

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