The Nursing Profession A Personal Statement

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Nursing is profession that stems from the very core of human existence. Far more essential, it expresses the nature that constitutes one’s humanity – i.e., the innate giftedness of being able to care for and love, and be cared for and loved in return. One does not need to engage in a rigorous demonstration of anthropological and philosophical concepts to cite the fact that human persons are indeed the only creatures in this planet that know how to care for their fellow in a manner being compassionate, profound and respectful. Thus, as a profession that concretely exemplifies the social implication of human existence, nursing best captures the true definition and full tonality of the sacred responsibility to care for one’s fellow.

At the very least, it is a profession that seeks to address the health conditions of all people, both in their illness and wellness. But surely, the task is far from being simple. Nursing operates on a philosophy of human care that aims at and endeavors to work for the total well being of every patient. While it is chiefly concerned with a unique craft that addresses the medical concerns of people, this profession nevertheless goes well beyond its observable practice. In addressing certain pressing medical concerns of patients, this profession, as a consequence, empowers the psycho-emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects that necessarily go along with the well being of their physical conditions. Nursing is thus a noble profession at the service of humanity’s pursuit to exist not only free from suffering but also embraced by a fulfilling sense happiness.

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True, nursing is noble profession to say the least. But far more than a profession, it is a both a science and an art. On the one side of the spectrum, nursing is a science. As such, it is practice which is reasonably based on both a demonstrable and verifiable body of knowledge. Its craft is not based on unstudied or untested theories, as these may in turn compromise the health of the patients. The sheer weight of its responsibility entails that nursing – and the unique craft that comes along with the maintenance and promotion of human health – must, under all circumstances whatsoever, be duly informed by other verified human sciences as well. On the other side of the spectrum, nursing is considered an expression of art as well. And as an art, it is a profession that puts a fair amount of expertise, mastery and nobility on its practice. Since the object of the nursing profession is the pursuit of a goal marked by nobility and profoundness – for a person’s total well being is in itself a noble and profound ideal – it is thus by right of mere logic that such a profession must be done with considerable competence and perceivable expertise. Nurses for that matter do not just practice their craft; they are expected to be little experts in their craft. For if art is about the masterful ways of doing things, then nursing requires no less than competence and mastery in both its theories and practice.

In view of this, I am of a firm belief that all nurses, in their own unique ways, can contribute to the continued development and progress of the nursing profession. Now more than ever, when the world demands quite a number of professionals to look after the optimal health of its people, it is needless to say that nurses are impelled to exercise the ethical and scientific theories right into the heart of their practice. As for myself, I believe that my personal role in the nursing profession lies in pouring a fair amount of dedication and industry into the profession that I chose. I believe that my role is to exercise with much prudence and thoughtfulness all the learning that I have gained, including those which I shall be further gaining, into my otherwise unique profession. My calling entails looking after the people assigned to my watch with compassion and generosity – elements, as they were, that are deemed of no little importance to a profession that is anchored on a sacred philosophy of care. In the ultimate analysis, I believe that my role is to concretely offer my patients a glimpse of happiness they so greatly desire, by providing total care to them who need it most.

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