Nursing Reflection on Cardiac Arrest Sample Essay

Nursing is a profession where we have to work collaboratively with both our co-workers and the interdisciplinary squad. In exigency like cardiac apprehension. if nurses work as a squad without any function confusion. clip is saved ensuing in salvaging many cherished lives.

BackgroundIt was the clip when I started to work in a medical ward for the first clip after my graduation in Nursing. I had been caring for one patient during my displacement. a 38 twelvemonth old male who had been admitted for intervention of FUO ( Fever of unknown beginning ) .

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Nursing Reflection on Cardiac Arrest Sample
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After he had his breakfast and was waiting for advisers unit of ammunitions. all of a sudden he collapsed. He was non take a breathing and non reacting. Code blue was announced.

Detecting* I assessed for patients reactivity.* On measuring carotid pulsation. I felt no pulsation.* I assessed respiration.* There was confusion among staff sing their functions.* We did non cognize what to make next.

InterpretingEven if the codification blue was initiated at one time.

clip was lost because of confusion among the respondents in footings of who should make what and what is to be done following.

ReactingI hence decided to fix an action program to develop my nursing cognition in this country. I looked at assorted nursing diaries detailing how to cover with this type of state of affairs. I provided cognition in infirmary set up to all staff how to originate CPR. what are the duties of each respondent until codification bluish squad arrived. Once an exigency is identified. one staff must trip the local exigency call system ( exigency doorbell ) and pealing the switch board by dialing the codification and saying that codification blue or medical exigency. exact location. and name and appellation of staff. Staff member should stay with the patient ; commence basic life support if necessary ; be prepared with inside informations of the event ; and help codification bluish response squad one time the squad arrives. Another respondent is to direct the squad to the incident location. One of the staff must roll up the resuscitation streetcar and transport it to the exigency. Every staff member will be allocated undertakings to help the responds squad. Furthermore. frequent mock drills should be conducted in ward set up. So that. everybody is familiar with what intercessions are to be carried out. Refection on Action

The figure of people to that country is to be restricted to cut down the confusion. give adequate infinite and clip to respondents to move. Learn how to run a defibrillator. how to be organized. and non to panic in such state of affairs. Keep lucidity of idea and head. Being speedy and yet being ordered in my attack is really of import in such state of affairs. The things I have learned about it will certainly be helpful in my future calling.


* Brunner and Suddarth’s. ( 2010 ) . Canadian Medical Surgical Nursing. ( 2nd erectile dysfunction ) . Rene A. Day et al. * David Guatzer. ( 1999 ) . Resuscitating Canada’s Health Care System. Code Blue. ECW imperativeness. * Scott S S & A ; Elliot S ( 2009 ) . A success narrative critical attention nurse. Execution of a rapid Response Team. 29 ( 66-75 ) . * Vaillancourt C ( 2004 ) . Cardiac Arrest Care and Emergency Medical Services in Canada. J Cardiol. 20 ( 1081-1890 ) .

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