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Observational Examples

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The child that I am observing today is my cousin Mina Hanson. She’s about 3 feet tall and around 30 pounds. The observations took place in her playroom. After the thirty minutes of observation were completed, I was amazed by how active and responsive she was to her surroundings, considering she was only two. I watched her play the role of “mommy”. She was pretending to care for her doll as a mother would for her baby. She would gently hold the doll in her hand and feed her a bottle.

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Observational Examples
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I found her actions were modeling secondary circular reactions. Then observed her fine motor skills through her carefully holding a full glass of milk. She was trying to carefully drink the milk without spilling any of it. Her gross motor skills were evident when she would jump high on the trampoline that she had in her back yard. Mania’s cognitive traits were clearly evident when she would sing along to the tunes of the TV shows that she would watch.

For example, she would sing the “l love you” song from Barney and friends. Her personality seemed to be very strong when it came o following orders.

When Mina was asked to sit down and have lunch she put up a fuss, not wanting to listen. She also has a happy carefree personality, exploring and enjoying all her surroundings. Taking an interest in all she can from songs to toys, to dance moves. School’s relationship with me being a familiar face was smooth, as would play with her and her favorite dolls. I believe all her personality traits encountered on this day were that of a mentally happy and healthy toddler. All her actions point out to a happy 3 h year old exploring and enjoying all that her eyes can see.

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