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One Perfect Rose

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I will be talking about the poem, one perfect rose written by Dorothy Parker. I found this poem during our English class in the library in the book “Puffin book of Classic verse’. This poem appeals to me because even though it is short and simple, it still unveils the passion, strength and humorous elements amalgamated into it. I also chose it because the poem was very comical near the end. The different language forms and features in the poem make it more effective, unique and appealing.

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One Perfect Rose
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The adjectives in the poem such as perfect and fragile really help to emphasise and outline the importance of each noun as well as helps the reader understand the content of the poem. There are also a number of nouns like amulet and verbs such as enclose which are also very simple but meaningful. This poem also carries a melodic rhythm outlining the sweetness and simplicity of it. This rhythm helps to lull the reader into believing that it was intended to represent a romantic memory.

A main feature in this poem is the repetition as the word “perfect rose” continues to repeat itself at the end of each stanza.

This presents the reader with the main idea which helps reinforce the rhythmical pattern as well as the intentions of the author. In the second line of the second stanza a metaphor is used as in reality roses to not speak. She also used a rhetorical question in the last stanza probably to stimulate the reader and to add to the cynical effect. Two quotes were also used and the sentence “His heart enclose” is personification. There is lots of symbolism in this poem when talking about a rose, which is the ultimate representation f pure love, beauty, passion, timelessness, and admiration. Another symbol used throughout the poem is the heart, which has long been recognized across cultures as being a symbol for love, charity, joy and compassion. The author uses this symbolism to create a double meaning. This poem has three stanzas each with four lines in which every second line rhymes-an ABAB format. Dorothy in her choice of words and style of writing has delivered a romantic tribute to a special moment from her past all manifested in the first and second stanza.

However the third and final stanza reveals a dramatic change of her tone and the true intentions of the poem exposing a sarcastic account of a past incident in her life. This poem is extremely effective. In the first two stanza’s it conveys a universal message explaining the beauty and love of the perfect rose, a classic storyline which is very popular. Although small hidden meanings in each of the words pass the reader, being unnoticed, trailing through the first two stanza’s until bursting out in the third stanza, conveying her true feelings.

For example. “a single flow’r he sent me since we met- explaining it is only one flower, this comes across in the second stanza when she mentions floweret- emphasizing it is very small and unnoticeable. Finally in the third stanza she expresses her true emotions about the rose and compares it to a limousine. Not only is she explaining her preferred choice but is also mocking the perfect rose. To her, in the 19th century perfect rose is not the perfect gift.

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