“Penelope” by Dorothy Parker Analysis

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The student begins by stating that they have just finished reading The Odyssey and decided to undertake a poem by Dorothy Parker. The poem was short but challenging due to the symbolism embedded within the words. The student also notes that the descriptions in the poem were beautiful and insightful. The poem is about a journey, and the student observes that the first few lines immediately made them think of a sea voyage. They also appreciate how Parker connects the natural beauty of the Earth to Odysseus’ journey. The second section of the poem portrays Penelope’s patience and cunningness as she waits for her husband’s return. The student notes that Penelope is portrayed as an independent woman who wants recognition for her hard work. The student concludes by stating that they enjoyed reading the poem and visualizing every part of it in their head.

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After shiping on the literary journey that is “The Odyssey” . I decided to undertake this verse form by Dorothy Parker.

Although short in length. the verse form was deceivingly disputing due to the unraveling of symbolism within the words. Embedded within the short sentences were insightful mentions to apparently ordinary objects. such as the sea.

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the Sun. and even the zephyr. These descriptions besides added to the simple beauty of the verse form. I besides had a opportunity to see from Penelope’s point of position and what she thought approximately Odysseus and his travels.

something that does non normally occur in “The Odyssey” .The verse form was filled with mentions to a journey even from the first few lines. There were many words that instantly made me believe about a ocean trip one may take. For illustration.

“pathway of the sun” ( line 1 ) and “footsteps of the breeze” ( line 2 ) made me believe as though the Sun and zephyr were ushers for an escapade. taking the manner and demoing where to travel. Odysseus traveled “where the universe and sky [ were ] one” ( line 3 ) .This shows integrity between the Greek Gods in the celestial spheres and the God of H2O.

Poseidon. The seas were besides shown as “glittering” ( line 5 ) and “silver” ( line 4 ) exposing the beauty of the sea. I liked how Parker connected the Earth’s natural beauty to the unreliable yet exciting journey taken by Odysseus. It added another degree to his trek that related him to the universe he was researching.

The following subdivision showed Penelope’s ability to wait patiently for her true love – her hubby Odysseus. Penelope is portrayed as a composure yet cunning adult female within a few lines. She waits “at place. and [ stones ] ” ( line 6 ) in her rocking chair.

therefore demoing her forbearance. However. Penelope is besides really wily as she uses her loom fast one to lead on the suers with an aspiration of taking her manus in matrimony. She says she will “snip [ her ] thread” ( line 8 ) .

linking to the loom fast one.She is besides shown as being more independent as she plans to “bleach the linen for [ her ] bed” ( line 9 ) . a job normally done by amahs. The last line ends the poem really strongly.

Penelope sounds a bit covetous as she states. “They will name him brave” ( line 10 ) .Is she covetous that she has had to make a batch of difficult work while he has been gone. yet she receives no congratulations for it? I believe Parker put this in to demo how Penelope merely wants to be noticed and applauded for her handicraft.

These actions shown by Penelope were highly elaborate and I loved being able to read the verse form and visualise every portion in my caput.

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