Organisational Structure of McDonald’s

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McDonald’s is a global food chain company with a strong organizational structure that is led by the CEO and the board of directors. The company operates through franchises and affiliates and generates revenue from rent, royalties, fees, and sales. Its marketing strategy focuses on internal resources, external environment, basic competencies, and shareholders. McDonald’s emphasizes human resources to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. The company’s recognizable brand image and successful advertising techniques have made it a popular choice for customers worldwide.

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McDonald’s operates with a multi-level organizational structure, headed by the CEO and board of directors, which consists of 13 members including 11 directors. The CEO oversees a team of line managers responsible for various aspects of the company. The company generates revenue through rent, royalties, fees from franchises, and sales in its own restaurants. The primary source of revenue (80%) is derived from Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, UK, Australia, and the U.S.

McDonald’s has successfully established its brand image and logo through recognizable corporate symbols and effective advertising campaigns. The company places great emphasis on human resources to ensure both customer satisfaction and employee well-being. McDonald’s marketing strategy takes into consideration internal resources as well as external factors and core competencies.

its shareholders.

KFC, similar to McDonald’s, operates with a functional structure and is a large food chain company. It is managed by franchises, affiliates, or the corporation itself. The organizational structure of KFC includes multiple levels with the CEO and board of directors at the top. The board consists of 13 members, 11 of whom are directors. Below the CEO are managers who oversee different aspects of the company. KFC generates revenue from rent, royalties, franchise fees, and restaurant sales. The majority (80%) of revenue comes from countries such as Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan UK Australia and U.S.

KFC has established its brand image and logo in people’s minds through recognizable corporate symbols and effective advertising techniques. The company highly values human resources and aims to satisfy both customers and employees. When developing their marketing strategy,
KFC considers internal resources available to them as well as external environmental factors that may impact their business operations along with their core competencies.



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