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Outline and Analysis of Approaches Toward People to Healthy Ageing

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Levels of human life expectancy at birth were increased over the last 100 years going up from 45 to 76 years during the 20th century (Khaw, 1997). This led to global interest not only in how to live longer, but also in how to promote a healthier old age (Lemme, 1999). Aging is not a disease but a series of normal changes in our body, and it is not surprising that aging would be accompanied by health problems. However, some people stay healthy by changing lifestyle to increase their chances of enjoying retirement and take advantages of their senior years (Cousins, 1998).

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Outline and Analysis of Approaches Toward People to Healthy Ageing
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At least, human cannot stop aging but can learn how to age successfully (Cousins, 1998). This essay will argue three approaches, take regular exercise, quit negative habits and have a healthy diet, can be used to maintain a healthy body into old age. A fourth approach, social community, will improve emotional health for getting old. This essay will also evaluate the advantages that maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mentality can bring, and analyze how good approaches can preserve a healthy life.

Firstly, this essay will evaluate regular exercises as a healthy approach to maintain a vigorous body into old age.

Secondly, the benefits of quitting negative habits, which include smoking and drinking, will be discussed. Moreover, this essay will introduce advantages of having a healthy diet. Finally the benefits of social community as a positive mental approach will be evaluated. Regular physical activity contributes to healthy aging by producing many physical benefits. Research shows that regular physical activity is the most significant route to better health, enhanced quality of life and maintaining independence (Lemme, 1999). It also helps people maintain muscle strength, coordination and flexibility (Laditka, 2001).

People, who are active less, likely get depressed and other diseases as they age (Laditka, 2001). However, these benefits of physical activity must be maintained throughout life. For example, adults, who do regular exercises in mid-life and discontinue exercising in later life, will lose long term benefits (Laditka, 2001). Stopping negative habits has many advantages to maintain a healthy body into old age. Evidence shows that smoking causes 80 to 90 percent of all emphysema and chronic bronchitis cases (WHO, 2002). Benefits from smoking cessation are seen at any age.

For example, older smokers decrease their risks for coronary heart disease and stroke almost immediately after quitting (Health Canada, 2002). Furthermore, significant improvement in circulation and pulmonary perfusion occur rapidly after quitting, with most of the improvement occurring in the first year. It is also observed that most of the abnormality in pulmonary epithelial permeability due to smoking is rapidly reversible after quitting (WHO, 2002). Smoking is not only one of the harmless behaviors, but also including drinking alcohol.

Prolonged use of alcohol causes increase levels of unhealthy body. Men who have more than four glasses drinks per day and women who have more than two glasses drinks per day not only lose the protection that alcohol affords, but also increase risk for diseases of the liver and certain types of cancer (Breslow, 2010). Stopping drinking alcohol or drinking less seems an approach to maintain a healthy body. The blood pressure of people who quit drinking will be closer to normal; the heart will beat at a slower and healthier rate (Breslow, 2010).

Thus, stopping negative habits may help people to maintain a healthy body. Nutritious food is another key factor in health throughout the human’s life. A healthy diet includes a variety of food high in fiber, and low in fat, salt, and cholesterol. At least five portions of fruit and vegetables should be part of a daily diet (WHO, 2003). A diet including a high intake of fruits and vegetables has been associated with protective benefits against visual loss, cataracts, respiratory diseases, and cancers (Khaw, 1997).

Also, a diet lower in fat has been shown to reduce risks of death and disabilities from heart disease (Yen, 1998). B-complex vitamin also appears to play a role in preventing heart disease (WHO, 2002). Conversely, food which is high in fats and sugars has a negative effect on health. Excessive consuming fats and sugars can lead to chronic disease, such as heart disease and cancer, and contribute to obesity (Diet and Cancer, 1993). Therefore, to maintain a healthy body also require a healthy diet. These previously mentioned methods are all important to maintain a healthy body.

However, metal health is also important. Social communication protects people from damaging effects of stressful life events. The social communication might be considered through a telephone conversation, visit of a family member, a friend or a neighbour, participation in religious groups, and attendance at meetings of an organization (Pratt, 1976). It is shown that frequency visits with friends and frequency of attending meetings of organizations are the two strongest predictors of well-being for ordinary people (Rowe et al, 1998).

Moreover, studies have shown that strong social communication is associated with the need for less pain medication after surgery, better recovery time, and better medication compliance (Rowe et la, 1998). As a consequence, the more social communications, the greater positive impacts on mental health. In conclusion, this essay argued four approaches to maintain a healthy life style. The regular physical activity has been evaluated previously. This approach may contribute to maintain independence and muscle strength into old age.

After that, this essay focused on quitting negative habits. Negative habits which include smoking and drinking alcohol must be quitted for a healthy body. Furthermore, this essay argued that a healthy diet may reduce risks of heart disease. As a final point, the approach, social communication, of maintain a healthy metal has been examined. All of the four approaches might lead to a healthy life style. The more those approaches have been practiced through life, the more benefits contribute to a healthy physical body and a healthy psychology into old age.

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